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Step by Step: Cake DIY

2018-03-04 14:24:00

Flower express first birthday cake DIY activity came to a perfect end, Ms. Huang personally DIY a most beautiful birthday cake for her beloved husband, flower Express also sent a bunch of beautiful lilies, wish them a hundred years of good luck. This birthday cake DIY activity uses Yuan Zu cake, ingredients include eggs, whipped cream, sugar, pudding, and pineapple diced oh ~ ha ha, there are 2 heads of lilies! Above! 8 inches of cake embryo, ready to put on the shelf, with whipped cream, sprinkled with pineapple diced haha, or 2 layers of fruit filled oh, black silk is strawberry jam cake, also need to be pruned like a tree, so that it looks good oh and then spread the fragrant whipped cream basically formed "husband, I love you" too happy! Finally, there is a bunch of lilies, the results are too rich. Finally, I wish Ms. Huang's husband a happy birthday, happy every day, happy life of the two couples, grow old together! Honey, are you ready? Flower Express will hold birthday cake DIY activities in 4 areas, welcome to make an appointment!