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Step motor cycle to repeat an action program

2018-05-10 01:36:13

When the stepper motor is working, sometimes it is necessary to repeat an action command, and the table control can be easily achieved.


Computer: A computer, as a tool for function setting. Windows 7 is the best system, XP or Windows 10 can also be used.


Controller: one table controlled TPC16-16TD, or other models as required.


Switching power supply: 24V switching power supply.


Data cable: One USB data cable.


Stepper motor: one stepper motor.


This article is an unauthorized grab from Experience


The figure shows how to set up this row loop, with a total of two rows. The first line set the startup delay of 1 second Y2 output 2 seconds, execute the line loop 56 times. The second line sets a start delay of 100ms by the input switch X3 and 300ms by the output of Y7, which executes 33 intra-line loops.


The two lines of programs work independently, the first line is powered on immediately, the second line X3 has a signal to start working, the two lines are working according to their respective cycles, and the cycle is automatically stopped when the number of cycles is reached.


Above, without programming, it is easy to achieve the cyclic work of the stepper motor action instructions. Table control function is powerful, more information can search the manual.

Matters needing attention

Table control is fully functional, want to learn more about the manual, video and set up examples of the article.


Ensure that the onsite cables are correctly connected and that the output does not overvoltage or overcurrent. Pay attention to equipment and personal safety during commissioning.