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Stone Age OL catch pet guide

2018-05-02 08:00:07

Stone Age OL is a very fun game, the launch of the time caused a lot of players of the nostalgic plot, the game also has some more unique content, it is worth everyone to try to play, here Xiaobian to bring you some game guides.


First of all, the player's preparation work must be done, poison must be bought first, 123 must be taken, and then to catch two 70-level chickens, and then catch a frog, and finally the blue potion +60% must be ready, and it is recommended that players buy more, at least 100 bottles, and then you can catch the BOSS.


Now in the new version, the lower the pet's health, the more likely the player will catch the pet, so if the player can, try to hit the BOSS's health as low as possible.


So the player does not kill the pet can be specific method is like this, first released two levels, let them use poison attack each attack the BOSS.


In the second turn, it's the Poison Elf's turn to fight the BOSS. And frogs are used to protect the health of pets or characters.


In this way, you can basically catch the BOSS, if the player fails in the process, then try a few more times, after all, there will be a certain difference between how to do and do, try a few more times, you can definitely catch.

Matters needing attention

Although the game is good, don't indulge.