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Stone Needle how to distinguish between true and false

2018-04-15 11:12:18

Stone Needle is a mineral material commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate acupuncture points and treat diseases. To identify the authenticity of stone needle, you can consider the following aspects: 1. Observe the appearance: The real stone Needle is usually gray or gray black, with a hard texture and a surface. Fake stone needles may be uneven in color, soft in texture, and have no surface. 2. Check the texture: Touch the surface of the stone needle with your hand. The stone needle should feel smooth, hard and cold. Fake stone needles may feel rough, uneven, or warm. 3. Observation under strong light: The stone needle is observed under strong light. Real stone Needle usually does not have obvious particles or bubbles, while fake stone needle may have particles, bubbles or other flaws. 4. Smell the smell: Real stone needle should have no obvious odor. If the stone Needle emits a pungent, organic solvent or chemical odor, it may be a fake stone needle. 5. Please buy a reliable channel: Choose a reputable and qualified drug or Chinese medicine dealer to buy stone needle, which can reduce the risk of buying fake stone needle.