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Support swimming pool maintenance and precautions

2018-04-15 09:36:47

In recent years, a lot of people have invested in bracket swimming pools, because of its low cost, high income, and is not limited by the venue, which is favored by many investors, but most investors do not know how to maintain bracket swimming pools, so it greatly shortens the service life of the pool! So what should we pay attention to when using a trestle swimming pool, and how to maintain it correctly?


Trestle swimming pool


Pool repair kit

What is a trestle pool

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Maintenance of trestle pool

The steel frame should be scrubbed frequently with a wet cloth to keep it clean and avoid the paint off and rust.


The maintenance of PVC cloth is reflected in the application of daily water treatment circulation system, keep the water in the bracket pool clean, and wipe the green moss at the bottom of the pool after use every quarter, and then wind dry, packed into the storage.


If you find any damage, please repair it as soon as possible, and cut the patch first. The patch should be cut to 3 times the size of the patch area, preferably round or oval. Then apply primer. After the primer dries, apply special glue to the patch area and patch patch evenly again. Then add flat weight to it and press it for 24 hours.

Matters needing attention

On the horizontal clean ground, spread the pool cloth, insert the bracket around the pool from bottom to top, so that it is upright on the ground, and install the water in the automatic water purification integrated machine;


When injecting water, first inject cold water, then inject hot water, and open the automatic water purification machine to filter the pool water, so that the pool water temperature is consistent, through the thermometer to measure the temperature, the water temperature is controlled at about 35℃;


The depth of water in the bracket pool depends on the foot not touching the bottom of the pool when swimming;


When not in use, the water is discharged immediately and stored for a long time, the water quality may be polluted or even corroded, which will shorten the service life of the product.