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Sweater double thread closing method

2018-03-23 08:00:45

Sweater double thread needle is two needles on the needle two needles under the needle, double thread closing method, if the needle is on the needle, use the needle method; If the needle is down, use the needle method to close the needle. Below do a small tutorial to share with you.


Club needle




The first stitch is to weave the edge directly under the needle, the left needle is now the bottom needle, use the needle method to weave, first withdraw the right coil, hang the thread from the back of the needle and then through the coil.


The next stitch is closed by using the upper stitch, and the upper stitch is woven, as shown in the figure


Now there are two coils on the right needle, and the first thread is snared on the second coil. The left needle is the closing method of the lower needle, as shown in the figure


Now the left needle is on the upper needle, it is necessary to use the method of the lower needle to close the needle, first pull out the coil on the right rod, wrap the thread from the back to the bottom of the needle, and then put the thread on the needle


Weave a next stitch and place the right stitch on the first thread of the loop in the second coil


Notice, there's one more stitch on the left


As shown in the figure, switch the upper needle and the lower needle on the left needle, then the first needle on the left needle will become the lower needle, and press the closing method of the needle to continue to close the needle.


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Matters needing attention

To close the needle with double thread, first cover the coil and then pass the thread around the needle from behind


When the two upper stitches are closed, the first stitches are finished, and the second upper and lower stitches are switched and closed again