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SWU Colleges: [778] Brock University has no dual admission

2018-03-29 14:24:44

Does Brock University have dual admission? With Canada's high-quality teaching and beautiful living environment, more and more Chinese students want to apply for Canadian universities to enrich their learning experience. Brock University is Canada's comprehensive university, located in Kesselring, Ontario, compared with other Canadian universities, the proportion of faculty with doctoral degrees ranks first, the total number of students 17,000, from more than 60 countries and regions of international students accounted for 2%. The school campus environment is elegant and beautiful. The university consists of 7 schools and 45 departments, offering 50 undergraduate programs and 38 graduate degree programs. Brock University's dual admission offers a good opportunity for more students. Generally speaking, students are busy preparing for the college entrance examination and do not have enough time to prepare for IELTS or TOEFL. Dual enrollment is the admission of language and regular courses at the same time. At present, students who do not have language scores in their senior year can apply based on their high school grades, and Brock University's requirements are not less than 80% of the school average. Students first enroll in the school's language program, and after passing the on-campus language test, they go directly to the undergraduate program without having to apply again. The language program has three semesters in the academic year, starting in January, May and September. Such a policy provides more favorable opportunities for fresh college students. The school's prestigious majors include accounting, business science, tourism Studies, computer science, educational communication studies, health sciences, applied language studies, physical education, neuroscience, biotechnology and the arts. Universities now offer paid internship programs in a variety of majors, giving students a better chance of getting a job when they graduate. Graduated diplomas are certified by China's academic qualifications. Among them, accounting is the most well-known, and it is one of the only four universities in Canada that can grant a master's degree in accounting. Students graduating from Brock University's accounting major are also very popular in the workplace. Accounting jobs pay more than other professional jobs and the Canadian average.