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Take a look at Jordan's 10 most difficult records to break, the true basketball god

2018-02-17 11:12:00

The Warriors of 06-07 season, with the unorthodox play of the splash brothers, with a 73-9 record in the regular season, forcefully broke the 72-10 record created by Joe's team and maintained for 20 years. Today, the NBA power competition, in addition to 72 wins, Joe has the following records, do you think anyone will break?

Jordan's 10 most difficult records to break

Six championships, two three-peat personally think this record is the most difficult to break, not only the number, but also the need for continuity, it is hard to imagine that Jordan had not retired in the middle of the years, this record would be how horrible.


There is no doubt that the 10 scoring champions are the first in history, to know that the second in history is Chamberlain is also 7, and Kobe Bryant and Iverson, who are known for offensive scoring, are overshadowed in front of Joe.


30+ average points per game, 49.7% of the hit rate this is also a sky data, in fact, Jordan's career time is not long, but can get more than 30,000 points, relying on the amazing hit rate and average points, anyone needs to be completely retired to compare, the current active players connected to this data have no.


Playoff single 63 points Chamberlain 100 points have not seen, Kobe 81 points have seen, but at that time the regular season, playoffs and regular season is not a concept, Jordan that is really hard and real ability to get.


NBA individual salary record Jordan 1998 season, $34.5 million, this estimate has not broken.


Commercial value In the downturn of NBA and even basketball, as a representative of basketball to stand up for the NBA to bring more than 10 billion dollars in commercial profits.


The only player in the history of the NBA to enter three times, and the only person in the NBA to make an exception to allow the retired 23 jersey number to be worn back.


In 2006, Jordan was selected as one of the 50 foreigners who influenced modern Chinese history, the only one being an athlete and a black man.


From the fourth regular-season game of the '91 season to the shutout of the' 98 season against the Jazz, six and a half regular season and seven playoff appearances, never lost three straight.


The god of basketball has become synonymous with Jordan, it is difficult to imagine, believe that it is impossible to have such a figure appear, before Chamberlain can not, after Kobe Bryant can not, in the future it is impossible to have.