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Teach you how to eat whole grains to lose weight

2018-04-27 17:36:09

Often mentioned in the diet to eat more coarse grains in weight loss, not only conducive to weight loss, but also more beneficial to health, today to recommend a coarse grain diet, come and see!


The materials required for the coarse grain diet are 30 grams of glutinous rice, 20 grams of millet, 20 grams of oats, 10 grams of Coix seed rice, 1 pumpkin, and a few raisins.  


First of all, we need to soak the glutinous rice, oats and coix seed separately for six hours in advance. The pumpkin is cut and washed, half of the pumpkin is cut into cubes, and the remaining pumpkin is made into a pumpkin bowl.


Stir the soaked glutinous rice, Job's tears rice, oats, pumpkin cubes and raisins into the pumpkin bowl and steam until cooked.


Finally, put the rice into the pumpkin bowl and cook the pumpkin pot in the boiling water over high heat.

Matters needing attention

This coarse grain weight loss food needs to be chewed many times when used, shaping the body difficult to fat, rich in food fiber can solve constipation, vitamins can drive away the cold, burn fat, fast weight loss, in addition to the activation of cells, prevent skin aging, with cosmetic effects.


The use of coarse grains in the process of chewing many times is also a weight loss process, many people have ignored this process. Saliva contains a lot of substances that activate the skin and blood cells, can inhibit the rise of blood sugar, inhibit the growth of fat, stimulate the satiety center, prevent overeating, stimulate facial muscles, prevent aging, and keep fat in the mouth, secrete bactericidal saliva, prevent tooth decay and periodontitis.