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2018-03-19 08:00:00

Since ancient times, it has been a multi-ethnic place, with a total of 12 ethnic groups, including 233,700 Naxi, 201,400 Yi and 106,200 Lisu. Among them, the Naxi ethnic group accounts for 57.7% of the total population of Yulong County and the former county. And it says, "In the land is the noble place, in the clouds."


When I first arrived, I could see the white-walled and black-tiled village outside the station and the geometric distribution of farmland. Elegant and full of spirit, showing a completely different scenery from the northern countryside.


Out of the train station, ignoring the drivers pulling work at the gate of the station, take the bus to Dayan - that is, in the usual sense, the owner of the inn, A Biao, has been waiting for us at the station. Some people say that when you come, you must live in the inn inside to feel its breath. It's a good thing we didn't come in time for the peak season. The inn is not tight, and the price is much cheaper. Different inn, shop owners, with their own thoughts, so that the Naxi ancient wooden buildings exude many different styles.


I settled into my accommodation, grabbed my camera, and started to wander around. Smooth stone roads, winding alleys, white walls and black tiles with red lanterns, and small Bridges running water can be seen everywhere. Women's long skirts, embroidered shoes and colorful shawls, as if only such wear can match the ancient great research. The gentle wind blew the wide skirt Angle, as if it also brought some ambiguous mood. Shops on both sides sell various jade, silver and handicrafts, and Naxi women in national costumes can be seen selling cherries, strawberries or handmade cigarettes along the streets. At night, the red lanterns under the eaves are lit, and the bar begins to become lively. The dim light and the leisurely playing and singing of the bar singer make your heart inexplicably soft. It is as if the people who touched your heart many years ago appeared in front of your eyes in an instant, caught off guard. Walking around, you may be away from the crowds, encounter a quiet alley, a unique style. Find something that resonates with you. Let you feel the pure and long lost feeling.


And the Shu River, like hidden in the Dayan behind the twin stars. With a similar or even more beautiful look, but much more low-key. There are many people who prefer Shuhe, because Dayan is too commercial, not as quiet as Shuhe. You can often see men and women sitting by the water, under trees, or on bar benches, doing nothing but staring in the sun. Whether it is petty bourgeoisie or affectation. When you are in a place where time seems to stand still, your body's rhythm will unconsciously slow down.


Places like this, they're prone to stories. For this reason, it is known as the "city of love". Even the animals walking around here, also with a melancholy temperament, do not know if they are used to seeing the expression of foolish men and women, they also have a sample up. It is really all kinds of cute ah... Living here seems to be synonymous with ease and leisure. Many people, like the innkeeper and the proprietress we stayed with, traveled here, fell in love with the place, found their love here, and made their home here. It sounds like a plot in a novel, but looking at their simple smiling faces under the pure sky, I finally believe that in life, there really is such a fairy tale romantic feelings... .