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Tell you what the specialties are

2018-03-03 17:36:00

There are many specialties, in general, we should be most interested in the specialties, after all, there are more people to travel, there will always be some people want to bring some hand letters, accompanied by hand gifts back to friends as gifts. Here, I first tell you about the main specialties in the province, so that you have a specific overview of the impression.


Pie, fruit

Special product

Specialties: The main specialties are olives, fortune orange, longan, Fujian ginger, plum, jasmine tea, lacquer ware, wood painting, wood carving, paper umbrella, shell carving, porcelain and so on. Among them, the main brand of olive, Big World olive, is loved by everyone.


Specialties: Specialties are all kinds of melons and fruits, famous wood flowers, porcelain, stone carving, oolong tea (Tieguanyin), old Fan Zhiwanying diva, old vinegar, source and Tang candied fruit, puppet head, lacquer basket, artificial flowers, etc. Tieguanyin, which belongs to oolong tea, is one of the ten teas in China and a representative of Oolong tea. Between green tea and black tea, belongs to the semi-fermented tea, in addition to the health function of general tea, but also has anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-arteriosclerosis, diabetes prevention, weight loss and fitness, prevention and treatment of caries, heat and fire, anti-smoke hangover and other effects.


Specialties: The main specialties are all kinds of subtropical melons and fruits, pies, fish skin peanuts, bodhi pills, Qingjin fruit, pearl embroidery, lacquer line carving, color sculpture, porcelain sculpture, mushroom meat sauce, medicinal wine, dried seafood and so on. There are many kinds of pie brands, which is a necessary letter for every tourist to travel, including Gulangyu pie, South vegetarian cake, babycat Huang Shengji and other brands of cakes are very worth trying


There are many other specialties in other areas, such as specialties: daffodils, camellia, orchids and other "three flowers" and "six fruits" such as citrus, lychee, banana, longan, grapefruit, pineapple; There are also all kinds of dried seafood, Pien Tze Huang, eight treasure printing mud, Pien Zi epidemic, pearl paste, Zhenbei lacquer decoration board, daffodil brand wind essence, cloth bag play, etc. Specialties: rich in dried bamboo shoots, mushrooms, Wuyi rock tea, Jianou duck, Jianlian, Beiyuan Gong tea, northern Fujian citrus, root carving, bamboo and wood crafts, kung fu tea, Jianzhou, chestnut, Ganoderma, Nanfu battery, etc. Specialty: Lychee, longan, Job's tears, preserved egg, flat food, fried meat, noodles, Xinghua rice flour, lacquered wood bowl, wood carving, etc. Specialty: Eight dry series., river field chicken, mountain duck, etc. Specialties: Red mushroom, snack, Xiamaodong wine, Zhenghu duck, Yongan snack, dried meat, kumquat, dried mouse, tea, lotus seeds, bone snack series, etc. Specialties: Plum, edible fungi, bamboo plaited, tea leaves, red koji, scissors, etc.

Matters needing attention

These specialties can be bought in various major commodities in tourist areas, and there are many time-honored brands worth everyone's attention. Many snacks in the specialty snacks have also become the best must-have items for friends all over the world