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Ten of the easiest napkin creases

2018-04-20 09:36:28

Tools/Materials: A4 paper, marker, colored paper. First take a napkin and fold it in half on both sides. 2, fold out the lace and then fold both sides inside, then fold the bottom edge outside. 3, fold out the flower finally fold the bottom edge up, a simple napkin fold flower is folded. First take a napkin, fold it in half to form a triangle, fold the tip inside, and then fold one side into a small triangle. 2. Repeat on the other side and fold the two sides in half along the center line. 3, Arrange the paper flower finally tidy up, a neat napkin flower is folded. First take a napkin and fold the two corners in half to form a triangle. 2, deal with the details and roll the corners, then continue to roll on the other side, and tuck the remaining corners into the napkin. 3, Tidy up the rest of the final tidy up, a romantic napkin flower is folded.