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The difference between love and like

2018-03-31 09:36:08

People will always meet all kinds of people in their life, but whether that person is right or wrong, it is difficult to distinguish and choose.


Love is an emotion that comes from the heart. It usually occurs in people, people and animals. No science today can fully explain why people or animals develop "love." The word love has many meanings in the dictionary, ranging from something that gives one satisfaction (e.g., "I love to eat these things") to something that one is willing to die for (e.g., patriotism, pairing). It can be used to describe a strong emotion, mood, or emotional state of affection. In everyday life, it usually refers to interpersonal love. Perhaps because it is the first emotion, love is a universal theme in art. Love is sometimes described as obsessive.


Liking is a kind of inside-out, non-urgent, acquisition and possession outside of maintaining one's own survival. It's more about getting emotional satisfaction. Liking is a medium intensity form of interpersonal attraction and a general form of interpersonal attraction.


Like is easy to change into love, but it is difficult to say like after love. Because like is tolerant; Love, on the other hand, is selfish. Like is a relaxed and indifferent state of mind. In front of the person you love, winter seems like spring; In front of the person you like, winter is just a beautiful winter. In front of the person you love, your heart beats faster and you blush; In front of the person you like, you will only be happy. When the one you love cries, you cry together; when the one you like cries, you stop comforting. Like is a kind of intuition, love is a kind of feeling; If you like a person, you hope he can find yourself at any time; if you love a person, you hope you can find him at any time; Love is a whisper, love is the heat speaks freely. Like instant coffee deliberately to create a romantic atmosphere; Love is brewing tea and savoring the more the true meaning becomes stronger. Like a person to hope that he is happy, love a person is to give him happiness. Like will heart, love will heartache. Love will be willing, love will be reluctant. Love is the degree of light deep, love is the taste of sweet salt. The vitality of liking is the moment, the vitality of love is the eternity of the moment. There are thousands of reasons to like, love has no reason and no reason. Like is like is simple, love is love is complicated; Like you but not necessarily love you, love you must like you; Like is persistent, can stop; Love is worth it. It never stops


1, there is a feeling in the world called "like", another is called "love" 2, love is when he is in the eyes, only he is one person; In his absence, everything carries his shadow. 3, like is in the middle of the night when reading suddenly think of him, imagine what he is doing now, the heart ripple a flapping warm, but never take the initiative to play him. After a few minutes, attention is drawn back to the plot of the book! 4, love is in the lonely night, missing like a flood, holding a book in his hand but how can not see, thinking about whether he is still working overtime at this time, eat dinner, is not like thinking about his general thinking about himself. Love is to see him and another girl hand in hand through, the heart has a little pain, but soon will face to raise a smile. Love is a game that can not afford to lose, after paying all, leaving may only be a scar engraved in the bottom of my heart. Like a person is to want him to be their own, so, you can like a lot of people, want a lot of people are their own. Love is clearly inseparable from him, but have to give up him, because he wants happiness, maybe I can not give. Dare not occupy him, hope to see him find happiness, even if that happiness is not shared with me. Like is, hope lonely time, boring time, sad time, find someone to talk to. Love is, at any time want to share with him, happy and even hope to give him all fast. Like is, in a long time did not contact, received his, and then smiled to listen to him. Love is, in a few days no contact, in a hurry to call him, and then hold back tears to smile. Like, only when we are together, we miss each other. Love, even if it is together, every second are missing miss him. Love and love have sweet taste, in addition, like more is sour, love is bitter.


Love depends on feeling, love depends on feelings.


This information comes from experience