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The fastest synthesis guide for each dragon in Pokemon 2

2018-03-22 06:24:47

Introduction: "Pocket elf 2" each department of dragon's fastest synthetic guideline tools/raw materials: "Pocket elf 2" GCH1021 method/steps: First say wood department, there are 3 methods. Method 1: Generally advanced to the frog, and then one is purple wood scorpion, purple wood scorpion can evolve into a greedy snake, and once again is the snake king, the snake is again and once is the green dragon, the green dragon can be evolved, and once can be the dragon. Advantages: It is very suitable for new people, and the growth of the dragon is not low. Disadvantages: Many steps are required, which is more troublesome. Recommendation 4 star 2 method: Advanced to master frog, master frog with spring evolution into spring snake, spring snake and then evolve into the snake king, and then follow the above steps, you can come out of the dragon. Advantages: Easy steps, can quickly out of the dragon. Disadvantages: The dragon is not as high as one, and the spring is also a high price. Recommended degree 3 star 3 method: After the evolution of purple frogs, choose A into, and then B into, will be the boy, the boy and then the dream demon, the dream demon plus blood-sucking mosquito can be a dragon. Advantages: The growth of the dragon is not low, and convenient. Cons: Ice cream and sunscreen are tricky to come by. 5 stars recommended. The following said the gold system, the gold system is recognized as the fastest closing, in fact, it is not. Evolution wave light mother B into A is Tianma, Tianma one or two times is dragon. Advantages: very fast, simple material, very suitable for beginners: Disadvantages: growth is lower than the second method of the wood system. Recommended degree 4 stars said fire system, personal do not recommend, 3 methods of fire. The first is advanced to the vampire mosquito synthesis is Chijin, Chijin can evolve into a flame bat, the flame bat can be a fire monkey, and the fire monkey and fox fairy Momo, or nine tails or six tails or three tails, and then evolve into nine tails. And then there is the fire dragon. Advantages: Composite to grow higher. Disadvantages: Troublesome steps, difficult materials, make people vomit. The second is to directly let the mosquito evolve to red brocade, recommended 2 stars. The third is to evolve to fire with B to evolve into fire dragon single, fire dragon eggs and then evolve into lynx cats, cats and red claws into bats, and then follow the above steps to recommend 2.5 stars. There are only two ways to introduce water systems. The first kind first goes all the way into the ice dew, ice dew is A snow dish beast or turtle, and then one or two times can be Iris, Iris synthetic cat or angel BM, the cat then one time is love micro, love micro can be ice dragon, recommended 4 star advantages: simple material, high growth. Cons: Troublesome steps. The second is to use B to evolve into ice stone machine after the narcissus, and then A to evolve into ice BM, and then B to evolve into angel BM, and then follow the above steps. The recommendation rating is 3.5 stars. Advantages, simple steps, high growth. Disadvantages, the material is very difficult to get, the general novice is not. The following introduces the soil system, there are only two. The first advanced to the rock Orcs, the synthesis is the Wolf, the Wolf is the moon rabbit, the moon rabbit evolved into the Ares rabbit, the Ares rabbit is the Maya or, if not, continue to combine. The second is to evolve to earth BM king B evolved into BM rabbit, BM rabbit A into BM rabbit, rabbit + Any-moon rabbit/Ares rabbit, and then follow the above steps. Soil personal is not recommended, because the cycle between the 9th order, and the attack is low, the grade is slow, and the recommendation is only 2 stars, the advantages are basically no, the disadvantages are not, and it is more comprehensive. Note: Pay attention to summarize practical experience