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The first dog to be careful ten notes to explain

2018-03-22 19:12:51

If you are getting a dog for the first time, be sure to take good care of the dog and pay attention to the following points.


It is best not to buy a dog from a dog dealer The dog is best to buy a dog in a professional kennel or individual breeder, because this can ensure the health of the dog, and generally such a dog is vaccinated, if the dog is bought from a dog dealer on the street, it is recommended that you take the dog to the pet hospital to do a detailed examination, and communicate with the doctor should be vaccinated time.


Just to a new environment, the dog may not stop barking because of anxiety, especially in the night lights out sleep, this time as the owner, you should prepare enough food and water, give it a warm and comfortable nest or mat, with your soft old clothes on the mattress, put the nest in the place where it can see you at any time (bedside, Bedroom wall), this will reduce his fear.


Pay attention to the number of feeding and food is the problem of feeding, puppies generally 1 day 3 to 4 feeding, if it is a puppy within 1 and a half months, it is recommended that you feed puppy special milk powder (high price) or baby skim milk powder, baby rice flour, oatmeal, corn porridge, these things are easy to digest and nutrition is more suitable for puppies. More than 2 months of puppies, almost can be fed puppy dog food, but to soak soft in feeding, in order to strengthen nutrition can be appropriate to feed some pet nutrition.


Just home puppies can not bathe just home puppies can not bathe, especially not vaccinated puppies, if you feel more dirty can take a towel with warm water to wipe the puppy's body, you can also buy pet dry cleaning powder dry cleaning the dog's body (more suitable for long-haired dogs).


The problem of defecation of the dog just at home, in general, the dog is not very conscious of the point of defecation and urination, the baby will also pull urine, the dog is the same, this time the owner should take an inclusive attitude, do a good job of training. The normal BB color of the dog is generally: yellow or tan, there are also black or yellowish white, mainly related to the food to eat, moderate hardness, to pick up the ground just some traces is the best.


No matter how hot the weather is, the dog can not blow air conditioning for a long time, especially the dog, try not to blow air conditioning, so it is very easy to catch cold induced disease, even if the fan, should not blow the air outlet to the dog.


Have the concept of vaccinating your dog A week or two after your dog comes in the door, you should be vaccinating your dog. A five-in-one or six-in-one dog can prevent most infectious diseases that can be fatal to dogs, not to mention the rabies vaccine, which must be administered.


This page is based on experience


Correct your dog to eat BB or dirt Some dogs will eat their own BB or dirt, is a lack of trace elements, or have xenophilia. Generally feed dog food dogs, balanced nutrition, will not eat BB. The correct method in addition to balanced nutrition can also buy pet special feces tablets.


Dogs as living beings like humans, will dream, will snore, will fart, will shed tears, do not be surprised when faced with these problems, it is normal.