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The "Golden Age" of Web front-end Developers

2018-03-22 11:12:34

IT industry provides unlimited possibilities for your future development "youth" is our biggest capital instead of eating "youth", it is better for tomorrow to challenge the development of work is worth to challenge with the mobile Internet more and more widely used, as its technology support Web front-end technology is also booming like a volcano, the market for Web front-end development talent demand A sharp increase. According to statistics, in 2016, the IT industry monthly gap of 140,000 people, of which front-end engineers accounted for 70%; In addition, according to the real-time search, the number of web front-end job recruitment is as high as 348,551, among which Zhaopin search Web front-end job, a total of 336,350 jobs; 51Job search Web front-end jobs, a total of 314,524 jobs; 8k + monthly salary positions reached 72.9%! Web front-end engineers are IT technology developers who coordinate front-end engineers and back-end programmers to achieve interface beautification and interactive experience of website page active programs. They need to be proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and other core Web front-end technologies, have Internet interaction design capabilities, and be familiar with back-end server operation Line environment and data communication protocols, master the latest frameworks such as responsive layout architecture, Bootstrap/AngularJS. The future development of the Internet of Things will bring broad and huge job opportunities for Web front-end development practitioners. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of information carriers such as the Internet and the traditional network, allowing all ordinary objects that can perform independent functions to achieve interconnection. The Internet of Things has made great progress and initial applications in the following areas: smart home, smart door locks, smart robots, smart cars, smart motion detection programs, smart gardening, smart supply chain customization, etc., especially smart home systems, have been close to developing a mature application market. In the near future, smart cities will also become a reality. All of this requires Web front-end technology as the support of the interactive interface, which continues to create countless jobs and front-end development needs. Broad employment prospects, for the students employment brings unlimited opportunities!! So why are web front-end developers so popular? In this regard, Teacher Wang made a corresponding introduction for us. At present, the huge market gap of Web front-end developers in the Internet industry ensures the high employment rate and high starting salary of Web front-end, so that Web front-end engineers have become scarce technical talents competing for by major IT companies such as Baba, Tencent and Tencent. Special employment service guidance, to provide students with one-to-one headhunting services, the technical training and the job market directly linked to achieve 100% employment of students, the average monthly salary of 13k! 12 years of technology precipitation, in line with the school purpose of "educating people, quality school, talent strong school", only focus on Web front-end education, aiming to help more students achieve high-paying life, for the Internet industry to transport a large number of high-quality, practical, comprehensive WEB front-end development talents, promote the benign and sustainable development of China's VR industry!