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The great power of a little vinegar

2018-03-24 03:12:22

The magic of vinegar




Vinegar is not only an essential condiment for every household, but also has some wonderful uses. (1) Insomnia, pour a cup of cold water before going to bed, add a tablespoon of vinegar, after drinking can help sleep. (2) When you drink a small cup of vinegar, you can eliminate it by drinking it in one breath. (3) People with constipation drink a cup of vinegar boiled water every day (that is, drop a few drops of vinegar in the boiled water), which can help bowel movement. (4) After being bitten by mosquitoes, quickly apply vinegar to the red and swollen area, and gently rub it to reduce itching and pain. (5) People who are carsick drink a small cup of vinegar boiled water before riding, which can effectively reduce vertigo. The magic of vinegar (2)1. In warm bath water, add a little vinegar, and you will feel extra cool and comfortable after bathing. 2. Mix vinegar and glycerin in a ratio of five to one, and rub frequently to make rough skin become tender. 3. Wash silk and other silk goods, add some vinegar in water, which is conducive to maintaining the original. 4. The frequent friction part of wool pants will become white and bright, such as dipping in vinegar water (half vinegar and half water) after drying, and then covering a dry cloth, ironing with an iron, you can remove the bright spots. 5. Rub a few drops of vinegar lightly to remove color or juice stains on your clothes. 6. When writing brush characters, use vinegar to grind ink, write out the words are black and bright, not easy to fade. 7. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to scrub glass and furniture more cleanly. 8. The newly bought lacquer supplies have a strong lacquer smell. Wash with a little vinegar in rice washing water to remove the lacquer smell. 9. Use old copper and aluminum, first paint with vinegar, and then wash with water after drying, easy to wipe off dirt. 10. Soak frozen meat in vinegar water to defreeze. This method is also suitable for thawing frozen fish. 11. Boil the water, add a spoonful of vinegar, put the killed poultry into the boiling water, constantly turn it, take it out after a few minutes, and the hair will be quickly removed. Head and claw can soak for a little longer. 12. With 500 grams of flour, 50 ml vinegar, 350 ml warm water ratio, put the surface and good, 10 minutes, and then add 5 grams of baking soda or alkali noodles, vigorously knead the dough, until there is no sour taste, steamed steamed bread soft and delicious. The yellow steamed bread turns white. Pour about 3/4 of the water in a steamer pot, heat it, and then pour 1/3 of the water left in the pot into the vinegar, and steam it gently for 15 minutes, and the steamed bread will turn white and taste no sour. 13. On a hot summer day, pour diluted vinegar water on the fish, and the fish will not go bad the next day. The magic of vinegar (3) The function of vinegar is wonderful, and it is of great benefit to human health. Nowadays, vinegar has become one of the key research objects of foreign scientists, and a fashion trend of vinegar health care is also quietly popular in the family. When influenza occurs, close the doors and Windows, pour 60-90 ml vinegar in the pot, add twice the water, and cook on the stove, the vinegar vapor distributed in the air can effectively prevent the occurrence and spread of upper respiratory diseases such as influenza. When you find that you have symptoms of heat stroke, use vinegar and sugar to boil water, cool after drinking, it will quickly improve. For those who are often carsick, the reaction can be greatly reduced by drinking light vinegar boiled water before taking the boat; The occasional smell of vinegar soaked handkerchiefs during the journey can stop motion sickness. Stop nosebleeds when nosebleeds, use a cotton pad dipped in vinegar to plug the nose, the blood will stop. Remove tartar teeth yellow, dark, tartar, you can put two drops of vinegar on the toothpaste every time you brush, so persevere, you can remove tartar, make teeth white and have. Add a few drops of good balsamic vinegar to the warm water and mix well. Drink to get drunk. If you suffer from mild diarrhea, you can use a small amount of vinegar and an appropriate amount of salt, mixed with boiling water to drink, the effect is very good. In summer, clothes and socks often stink of sweat. Put the washed clothes and socks into the rinse with a small amount of vinegar, you can get rid of the odor of clothes and socks. Treat insomnia Wash a red egg, with 150-180 ml of rice vinegar (the greater the acidity, the more soaked in a wide mouth bottle, placed at 20℃-25℃ for 48 hours to break the egg, and then soaked for 36 hours to drink, drink vinegar egg liquid once a day, the effect of senile insomnia is very good. Treatment of pinworm disease young children infected with pinworm disease often call anal itching, which is caused by pinworms to the anus to lay eggs, at this time take a cotton ball dipped in vinegar into the anus, can effectively kill pinworm eggs, this method is also applicable to adults. Beautify nails before painting nail polish, first dip a cotton ball in vinegar, scrub the nails, and so on after the vinegar is completely dry, then paint nail polish is not easy to fall off, but also keep bright. Take a bath pour 1 small cup vinegar into hot water, stir well after bathing, can make people feel relaxed and comfortable hands and feet. The magic of vinegar (3) Remove the smell of fish when cooking fish, if you add a little vinegar, you can remove the smell of fish. When cooking noodles, add vinegar in the right amount, not only can eliminate the alkali taste of noodles, but also can make noodles whiter. Potato discoloration peeling potatoes should be stored in cold water, and then add a little vinegar to the water, can make potatoes do not change color. If fried vegetables are too salty, you can put a little vinegar to remedy. Add a little vinegar to the water to clean the fungus, and then gently scrub, you can quickly remove the sand. First wash the chicken and duck eggs, then wash them with vinegar for about two minutes, and then put the eggs in salt water, so marinate them for a week before eating. Before peeling taro, wash your hands with vinegar so they won't itch. Add a spoonful of vinegar to the egg whites to quickly make them foamy. Beef is not easy to boil, if each kilogram of beef add 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar, beef is easy to boil. When cooking bitter melon, add a little sugar, and then a little vinegar, can play a role in reducing the bitter taste. When picking up fish, put some vinegar on the surface of the fish to prevent the fish from slipping out of the hand. When making leavened dough, if there is too much alkali, you can add white vinegar and alkali to neutralize.