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The key points of brand wardrobe purchase

2018-04-20 01:36:37

Buying a wardrobe is a product that families often need to buy, so how to choose a wardrobe is suitable for their own home, it needs to see the following pull


Generally, the regular home is an environmentally friendly melamine veneer with thick paint, high temperature and high pressure treatment. High surface strength, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. If the quality is poor, although it seems very smooth and beautiful on the surface, it feels good, but with a swipe of the nail, there will be obvious scratches.


When buying a wardrobe, pay attention to see whether its material is solid wood or board wood, round /. State home is used with pine board, tree species colored beech, maple, maple, oak, black walnut, etc., the material is different, the price is different, can be determined according to their actual needs. Especially when buying a wardrobe online, first of all, of course, you must choose your favorite style, and at the same time, you must take into account the style, size, style and decoration style of the entire bedroom, and whether the space is integrated.


If you need a ceiling, you should also consider reserving a reasonable wardrobe height. Look at the quality of the cabinet, the most important thing is to see the edge of the board, the machine edge is generally uniform, and the hand edge will have some rough, large furniture is generally used machine edge. The wardrobe is a large piece of furniture, and its placement directly affects the overall spatial layout of the bedroom.


For the price of the cabinet, we must first ask the calculation method of the home, and then we must ask the items included in the cost, whether it contains the cost of the drawer (usually the expansion area algorithm does not include the cost of the drawer, the projection area algorithm can include or not), whether it includes the cost of the backplane.