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The most effective recipe for removing blackheads

2018-04-23 00:00:07

Secret recipe one: Dissolve the blackhead first with a hot towel on the face or steam smoked face to expand the pores, and then pour the export liquid on the cotton pad, apply it on the face, mainly in the T area. After 3 to 5 minutes, you will find that the cotton pad is covered with a lot of black dirt. Then apply the blackhead cleansing film to cover the whole nose, forcefully remove the blackhead and oil of deep pores, wait for 15 minutes to take off the mask, and remember to apply the net muscle fat astringent after washing your face to narrow the pores. Secret recipe 2: Honey water and honey cleanser to blackhead go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of honey, wash your face with a little honey in the cleanser every day, and then cooperate with drinking honey water every morning and evening, effectively remove blackheads, and the skin will become more and more smooth and white through red. Secret formula three: Milk and salt to blackhead materials: salt, milk practices :1, the salt used here is best to open the salt, not by the water in the air. Then take a small amount and store it in a separate vial for later use. 2, remove the appropriate amount of salt, and then add 4-5 drops of milk, in the salt has not completely dissolved state to apply to the nose, massage. 3, because the salt is not completely dissolved, you can also feel the existence of particles, so be careful not to use too much force when massaging, otherwise it will hurt the skin on the nose. 4, massage after half a minute, with wash, can not massage for too long, must pay attention to the time. 5, after washing, pay attention to it, do not paint other things on the nose after washing, let the skin own chalk clean oil to protect the skin. Secret 4: Tomato and lemon slices Whiten and clean the tomato and lemon slices into a puree, then add a little flour and mix evenly. Apply directly to face and leave for 30 minutes to rinse off. Remove dead cells, deeply clean the skin, tighten the skin, effectively improve blackhead acne and oily skin, and can play a cleaning, whitening, soothing role. Secret Method 5: Use pearl powder to remove blackhead in a small dish put the appropriate amount of pearl powder, add the appropriate amount, stir the pearl powder until paste. Apply the mixed pearl powder evenly on your face. Massage on the face with massage techniques, when the pearl powder on the face is completely dry, wash your face on it. Use twice a week to effectively remove aging exfoliation and blackheads.