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The most popular style of wedding photos

2018-02-15 19:12:00

When it comes to the style of wedding photos, there are always many themes. What kind of marriage do you want?? Gauze photography style, what do you know about wedding photography style?


1, the style of wedding photos: the advantages of outdoor things must have disadvantages, the interior of the boutique but not easy to produce treasures. Treasures are instantaneous. Instant things are the best, and wedding photographers are starting to get out of the studio and into nature. Go for a natural style. Location wedding photo style seems to have become a gust of wind, by the new people's hot.


2, the style of wedding photos: interior scenery, also known as studio photography. The interior was shot in an opaque room, using flash lights and sets. Therefore, during the shooting process, it is not affected by other chaotic light except flash.


3, the style of wedding photos: romantic Lang concubine meaning, cuddling together. A style full of tenderness. The bride and groom can have more interactive shots, such as kissing, hugging and holding hands, which can create a warm and sweet air. Romantic elements and details emerge everywhere. A hand in hand, red lens wedding photography comments this style. A light kiss, coupled with the late lace treatment, romance in person.


4. Style of wedding photos: Vintage has charm and texture. Chinese and foreign classical or nostalgic styles. Wedding photos have an old movie feel. Let you transform, become the protagonist of Qiong Yao's novel drama oh, deduce the romantic love story.


5, the style of wedding photos: Fashion if the bride wants to make their wedding photos, rich in the atmosphere of The Times, it is appropriate to make the style of popular fashion. You can choose this style, like the popular "Expo wedding photos" and "China red" emerge new people are beautiful and big, "China red" express the heart of happiness. It can also express the enthusiasm and festive air, happy brides who love Chinese characteristics can consider this style.


6, the style of wedding photos: simple close-up taste, general color. Style of raised theme. The bride and groom's expression and action are very raised, and the strength can highlight the appearance and friendly quality.

Method/Step 2

7, the style of wedding photos: Korean style search radical and modern clothing (search Korean clothing) Korean style fight Jin Ya, Korean style. Raise the sweetness and meekness of the bride. Colorful colors, the combination of pink and blue, make wedding photos more romantic. Recently, it is popular among many young people. The bride in the wedding photo is beautiful and elegant, the beautiful Korean traditional costume, the elegant Korean scenery plan, the strange Korean makeup style... Korean wedding photos with thick Korean style. Typical style of Korean wedding photos.


8, the style of wedding photos: The story is similar to the style of film close-up. It's very memorable. There's a story of mutiny. Wedding photos together, tell a beautiful story. A wedding photo with a story, this is the wedding photo that the post-80s bride needs now. A story, a sex wedding photos, emerging new love story, there are bitter and sweet.