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The most powerful weapon comes to the Fangs

2018-03-20 00:00:58

Today I will briefly introduce the most powerful weapon Fangs


There are two ways to obtain the magic weapon of fangs, and the way to obtain it is very simple. 1: Through copies of Cave Fright and Shura Havoc.


2: Buy in the Chamber of Commerce. However, I recommend that small partners buy directly, the cost of gold is very small, can save a lot of time.


The magic weapon itself carries the attribute of increasing the speed of the character, speed is very important in the turn-based game, the better the speed attribute in the battle has a great opportunity to give priority to take advantage of the opportunity.


The speed attribute increases as the Magic level increases, and the Magic level is capped! However, the magic weapon ultimately needs to carry its own stunts, stunts with the promotion of magic star unlocked, you can get 9 stunts. Stunts can be very useful in combat.


This page is based on experience


For the magic weapon, in addition to upgrading the level can enhance their own attributes, but also through the Mosaic dragon crystal oh! The tusks can be inlaid with the dragon crystal and the dragon crystal. The lower kill Dragon crystal can increase the character's spell cap, and the vailongjing can increase the speed. For the inlay of the dragon crystal to choose according to their own occupation! This can give full play to their own ability!