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The new IDN-BMP nitrogen removal process can effectively improve the total nitrogen removal efficiency

2018-04-13 08:00:27

The basic principle of biological nitrogen removal in sewage is to convert organic nitrogen into ammonia nitrogen. Under aerobic conditions, ammonia nitrogen is transformed into nitrous nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen by nitrifying bacteria. Under the condition of hypoxia, denitrifying bacteria transform nitrate nitrogen into nitrogen through denitrification and release it into the atmosphere.


IDN-BMP total nitrogen processing enrichment integrated equipment


Zhanqing IDN-B5 denitrifying bacteria


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In the process of biological nitrogen removal, the hydraulic retention time is one of the reasons that affect the total nitrogen removal effect. If the water retention time is too short and the retention time is too short, the reactor cannot maintain enough biomass, which affects the operation stability of the reactor and the treatment effect. The residence time is too long, will make the reactor processing capacity excess, resulting in waste.


Third, the new total nitrogen removal process IDN-BMP total nitrogen treatment enrichment and integration equipment is an innovative upgrade of the traditional activated sludge method, the principle is to increase the sludge concentration and improve the flow state, with powerful denitrification bacteria, and ultimately achieve the purpose of efficient denitrification.


The BMP system can improve the hydraulic retention time, PH, temperature and other influencing factors in the total nitrogen removal, and use special customized fillers and denitrifying bacteria to rapidly enrich, so that the denitrification reaction can be carried out quickly and effectively. At the same time, a special degassing device combined with CFD simulation technology can greatly improve the total nitrogen removal efficiency.

Matters needing attention

IDN-BMP total nitrogen treatment enrichment integration equipment is an innovative upgrade of the traditional activated sludge process, which effectively improves the denitrification capacity.


The core technology of total nitrogen treatment is Monterey complex Bacillus +CFD simulation + special degassing device + ultra-fine filament biological nest