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The OB2273 was completely replaced by the M5573

2018-03-18 01:37:00

MOJAY(Mojie)M5573 can be replaced by OB2273, CR6863, SP5673, SF5545. M5573 completely replaces OB2273 not only in quality advantages, but also in product performance and stability show superior characteristics, Mojie for Hong Kong overall research and development design, After many years of use and testing by many foreign countries, the performance and indicators have been well recognized, and it has applications in various fields, and its superior model can be seen as extraordinary. The M5573 provides comprehensive protection for automatic recovery, including: cycle current limit (OCP), undervoltage lock (UVLO), and overload protection (OLP). The circuit also provides shutdown lock protection, including: overheat protection (OTP), (fixed or adjustable) VDD overvoltage protection (OVP). The circuit has excellent EMI performance, audio energy and noise are reduced to a minimum. ? Product Features:?? Power supply, soft start, reduce MOSFET VDS stress?? Buffeting function (good for EMI) Burst cycle mode (Burst? Mode) for improved efficiency and minimum standby power consumption design?? No noise during operation 65kHz fixed switching frequency?? Comprehensive Multi-directional protection VDD Undervoltage Lock (including Lagging Voltage) (UVLO)?? Cycle cycle overcurrent threshold set to constant output power limited to common input voltage range?? Self-restoring Overload Protection (OLP)?? Overtemperature protection (OTP), shutdown lock? VDD Overvoltage Protection (OVP), Shutdown lock?? Adjustable overvoltage protection point (OVP) via external regulator?? Available in SOT23-6 and DIP8 packages, RoHS compliant


The following is a comparison of the new capabilities and indicators of OB2273A and M5573, which can be clearly displayed. M5573 Performance Parameters: The M5573 is a highly integrated current mode PWM controller designed for high performance, low standby power consumption, low cost, high efficiency switching power supply systems. The M5573 can operate in no-load or light-load mode, which provides low standby power consumption and high conversion efficiency. Let's take a look at the parameters of the OB2273, a highly integrated current mode PWM controller. Especially suitable for high performance, low standby power consumption, low cost and high efficiency off-line flyback power converter. The PWM switching frequency in normal operation has been set internally. When no load or light load, the circuit works in the extended burst mode to minimize the switching loss, so that low standby power consumption and high conversion efficiency can be obtained. VDD's low starting current and low operating current ensure reliable power start-up and low power standby design.


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