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The ordinary post of character publicity can also be brilliant

2018-02-22 08:00:00

Ordinary posts can also be brilliant Chen Xianfeng,2010 into the company, the current branch workshop senior master. He has won the honorary title of technical expert and "advanced worker", and has achieved excellent results in technical competitions for many times. Pay attention to details, start from small things Comrade Chen Vanguard is low-key, rigorous, practical and stable, looking at the problem has its own unique side, insight. May have worked outside before the reason, in the daily work to do things to pay special attention to details, orderly; Often through the small things in the work to warn people around you to do things must pay attention to details, do small things fine, use a magnifying glass to look at the problem, no matter what, we should pay attention to small things, trifles, grasp every detail. As the saying goes, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the nine-storey platform, and the heavy soil." Only do small things fine, do well, do thoroughly, pay attention to details, in order to constantly improve themselves, which is the basis and premise of our success, but also the key to our work. Conscientious and dutiful for work, Comrade Chen Xianfeng pays attention to practical work and never talks about it; In his eyes, there is no big or small problem, and every problem he finds must be handled by himself until the problem is successfully solved. Everything pays attention to the premise of theory, based on practice, has a strong sense of responsibility and a high sense of mission, put all their thoughts and energy into their own work, study and explore maintenance skills; He is conscientious and dutiful in his duties. For many senior employees, most teachers teach new employees based on experience; The master is the guide of the new staff, it can also be said that the staff is the epitome of the future; However, the various characteristics reflected in the teaching staff in the future will be a reflection of the problem of teaching teachers. As a teacher, Comrade Chen Xianfeng always insists on doing more than saying less, always bearing in mind that teaching by example is greater than preaching, leading by example, and demonstrating the excellent character of a teacher with his own practical actions. Dedication, words and deeds, careful words and actions, and clear determination, he inspired every student with his sincere heart. In this ordinary maintenance post, he did not have a particularly obvious flash point, nor did he have bold words; However, he has a sincere heart, a cavity of blood for the cause of vehicle maintenance, has been sticking to this ordinary post of silent dedication, grasp every pass, and perfect interpretation of the craftsman spirit with his own implementation.