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The problems and countermeasures of undergraduate thesis writing

2018-04-24 09:36:55

Undergraduate graduation thesis is an important link in college teaching with learning summary and scientific research guidance, which is of great significance to achieve professional training goals and improve the ability of undergraduate graduates to comprehensively apply theoretical knowledge, analyze and solve problems and scientific research.


1. The main problems in undergraduate graduation thesis writing at present (1) Lack of solid professional knowledge Students only learn professional knowledge to cope with the exam, and the exam focuses on memory, is limited to the general understanding of book knowledge, and rarely examines the depth of students' theoretical mastery and comprehensive ability. Students' ability of independent thinking, investigation and research, problem solving and problem analysis is poor, which leads to the lack of depth in the research content of graduation thesis and the lack of novelty in the topic selection, and the proportion of original graduation thesis is declining year by year. Most students search for articles on the same topic from the Internet or magazines, copy other people's ideas and research results, copy and paste, scrape together, or even copy, and then organize them into their own papers. (2) The topic is not reasonable. Topic selection too large refers to the topic that students choose a vague, large and inappropriate topic, which is difficult to complete within the prescribed time under the guidance of the instructor depending on the knowledge they have learned. For example, the students of international economics and trade in a certain school chose the topic of "The impact of International Investment on China's Industry and Countermeasure Analysis". Because the scope is too wide, it cannot grasp the key point, the analysis is not thorough, and it is difficult to control, and it can only talk in general, but can not go deep. According to students' interests and abilities, the instructor changed the topic to "Discussion on the Impact of Transnational Mergers and Acquisitions on China's Industry and Countermeasures". After narrowing the scope, the topic was clear, specific and novel, and clear in order. In addition, the topic was selected from practice, and the students could give full play to their professional advantages. 2. Topic grouping means that more than two students choose the same or similar topic at the same time. For example, two students of international trade major choose the topic of Sino-US trade surplus at the same time, the research content is the same, which belongs to the same topic repeating, which is a big taboo in graduation thesis writing. The topic of the same content should change the title of the paper and change the focus of the research. Another focus of the Sino-US trade surplus issue can choose to study the Sino-US trade imbalance issue.


In recent years, with the expansion of college enrollment, the employment pressure of college students is becoming more and more intense. Due to the early time of choosing a career, students mainly focus on solving the problem of employment in the last academic year, and students are busy participating in various recruitment. Even some students have not completed the writing of the graduation thesis has signed a contract with the employer, in advance of the internship, and the writing of the graduation thesis conflict, coupled with some students research, postgraduate entrance examination, participate in the civil service exam, resulting in these students have no time to pay attention to the writing of the graduation thesis. In addition, some students do not attach importance to the writing of graduation thesis from the ideological perspective, the attitude is not correct, the work is not serious, the lack of enthusiasm and initiative, think that writing good or bad can pass, not with the instructor, perfunctory, careless, which is a major reason for the decline in the quality of undergraduate graduation thesis writing. (2) Reasons for instructing teachers 1. The teacher's sense of responsibility is not strong teachers in the guidance of graduation thesis at the same time, but also undertake other teaching, scientific research, invigilation and other work tasks, lack of time, limited energy, inevitably appear the phenomenon of guidance is not in place. The guidance of individual teachers on graduation thesis is to cope with the task, the implementation of laissez-faire guidance, the work is not serious, the sense of responsibility is not strong, the guidance lacks patience, does not take the initiative to work with students, and the problems encountered by students cannot be solved in time. In addition, the papers submitted by students are not modified in accordance with the standard format of graduation papers, or they are only modified once, without going through the procedures of first draft, first draft, second draft and final draft. 2. The thesis design requires that the instructor must have rich practical experience, professional knowledge background and a lot of guidance experience. Due to the uneven professional level and scientific research ability of the supervising teachers, some teachers lack the quality and skills to guide undergraduate graduation thesis. In particular, some young teachers in colleges and universities do not participate in scientific research and social practice, and have little training in graduation thesis design, and their basic skills are not solid and their guidance level is limited, which affects the writing quality of undergraduate graduation thesis to a certain extent.


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