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The production of National Day handwritten newspaper

2018-06-05 16:00:00

When we see on the computer or elsewhere other people made a variety of beautiful hand newspaper, psychological must be very envious! Must really want to make some hand-copied newspaper yourself! Below, I will take a National Day copy newspaper as an example, and share with you a copy of the production method, I hope to be useful to you.








Color pencil


Reasonable selection of paper, first draw the hand copy border. Find a piece of A4 or A3 printing paper, try not to use general white paper, because general white paper is relatively thin, easy to break, printing paper relative to paper thicker, the quality will be better. When drawing a border, you can leave a margin of 1-2 cm. The border line can be a straight line, or it can be a curve, or it can be drawn as an artistic border.


Make handwritten newspaper theme characters and decorations. A handwritten newspaper must have a theme, the theme of our handwritten newspaper is "celebrating the National Day ", and the content of the entire handwritten newspaper should also be written around the knowledge of the National Day. The subject word should be larger and eye-catching, and the position of the subject word can be centered above, centered below, centered in the middle, northeast corner, northwest corner, southeast corner, southwest corner. We can choose the position we want to place according to our needs. Here, I put the theme word in the southeast corner and added decorations around the theme word.


Plan the board content - Split out the first knowledge block. After the theme words and pictures are ready, we must consider the whole manual newspaper to set up several knowledge blocks, ready to set up several content, below, I first to divide out the first knowledge block. Each knowledge block should be separated by some lines, we can first put a horizontal line inside the first knowledge block.


This article is an unauthorized grab from Experience


Plan the board content - Split the third knowledge block. After dividing one or two knowledge blocks, I decorated the remaining blank part and arranged it into a third knowledge block.


Plan board content - subheadings and content that complement the first knowledge block. Here, the first piece of knowledge I share is "Flag designer".


Plan board content - subheadings and content that complement the second knowledge block. Here, the second piece of knowledge I share is "national anthem".


Plan board content - subheadings and content that complement the third knowledge block. Here, the third piece of knowledge I share is "why are we called the descendants of the Chinese people?" After the content of the third knowledge block is complete, the whole manual newspaper is completed.

Matters needing attention

Of course, the production method of hand second newspaper is various, we need to practice more, more experience yo!