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The six types of men with the most desirable wives

2018-03-14 06:24:56

Usually we talk about whether a woman has a good husband or not, and conversely, what kind of man can have a good wife? Let's find out.


A man who holds the idea and consciousness of equality between men and women must have the idea and consciousness of equality between men and women in his bones, so that he will really treat his wife well, he will really respect his wife from the heart, he will not treat his wife as his own appendage or a tool for raising children, and he will reflect a man's true demeanor in his daily life.


The man who is loyal to the marriage is the most worrisome to the wife, the most worrisome to the wife is the man's lust, a man no matter how handsome he is, how high the education is, how developed the career is, how fast the money is made, if the wife is not loyal to the marriage, keeping a mistress outside the lover, this is the most ruthless humiliation to the wife. A woman with an unfaithful husband is doomed to no happiness or happiness.


The most important thing for a man is his career. What's a man with no job and no career? Of course, the cause mentioned here does not have to be what you have to make a big cause, it can also be a solid small work, as long as you work hard and make progress, it is very good, because women always feel that only such a man can really rely on, is worthy of their own life.


As the saying goes, a strong man is a beautiful scenery; Exercise is the starting point of a man's sexual well-being; Love sports, is the guarantee of love women. Therefore, it is very important for women to find a man who loves sports and is fit and healthy, which can ensure that we fully enjoy the care of men. The man who does not love exercise is relatively delicate, a little illness, can let you deal with when the terminal illness, you coax him all day, fuck the heart of others also do not necessarily appreciate, in short, in order to grow old together, in order to family harmony, find a man who loves sports to do husband, it is good!


A man with a big heart a man with a big chest, he's not small, he always has a problem with his wife. As long as it is not a matter of principle, it will generally let some wives, not seriously, and this kind of man is generally more concerned and considerate of his wife, a narrow-minded man who does not understand caring and caring for his wife will never be a prosperous wife.