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The stairs neatly extend the storage space

2018-04-19 17:36:18

Extension space is one of the first issues to consider in home decoration, stairs, pavilions... Proper use is very beneficial to help home furnishings storage, but also extend the sense of space.


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Due to its limited height, the space under the stairs may not be easy to use. But a kitchen counter is happy to make up for that. By using open shelves to occupy the width of the space below the stairs, there are no worries about irregular space, and a troublesome area is perfectly filled in by the kitchen counter.


A square table can be tucked into the concave corner near the stair handrail, with two small seats, and the transformation of the chicken rib space immediately lets you have a beautiful mood at work.


The storage room under the stairs, whether you match it vertically or horizontally, can make it possible to place various objects in different categories, and personalized colors with different appearances can bring a completely different living room style.


The smart display of the embedded display shelf under the armrest not only makes the space more transparent, but also makes the entire space have a unified penetration element. The display shelf not only plays the role of the beautiful room, but also can put a lot of things into it, at a glance, and the amount of storage can not be underestimated.