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The steps of performance appraisal system construction

2018-04-13 20:48:19

The establishment of performance appraisal system is conducive to the evaluation of employees' working conditions, which is the basis of staff assessment and an important factor to ensure the accuracy and reasonableness of assessment results. Evaluation index is the data that can reflect the completion of performance objectives, working attitude and ability level, and is the basic unit of performance evaluation system.


Focus on the current development of the enterprise, flexible development of overall goals The purpose of the performance management system is not to test employees, or to distribute bonuses at the end of the year, the ultimate goal is to bind the interests of employees and the interests of the enterprise through the means of performance appraisal, so that the performance of employees is reflected in the gradual improvement of corporate interests, and the ultimate realization of corporate goals. Therefore, enterprise goals are generally formulated, decomposed from top to bottom, distributed to departments and employees, and finally formed performance indicators. This method is also commonly used in daily balanced scorecards and strategic maps.


Highlight the layers of correlation between indicators, grasp the overall goal of the assessment focus and the designation of major business activities, it is necessary to form corresponding indicators, and resolve the activities that may be completed into layers of indicators, at the same time, there should be correlation between indicators, and the indicator assessment should be focused. As a major goal of the current year, under this goal, the Human Resources Department and other business departments have the responsibility to help the implementation of the performance management system, so if the implementation of the performance management system cannot be completed, there may be several situations, thus forming different indicators and eventually falling in different departments. Examples are as follows: What should be considered is which department has the main responsibility, and should think about the negative impact caused by the failure to complete the performance appraisal, which is greater, and which is the problem that needs more attention in the current year. If the performance appraisal system has just been established, then the "performance appraisal system establishment quality evaluation" this indicator is obviously more significant, if the performance management system has been running for several years, the effect is not ideal, all because of the cavalier attitude of various departments, then the requirement of "timeliness of assessment data submission" should become the focus of consideration.


Staff assessment is heavy on operation, and complex indicators should not be implemented to employees after completing the departmental assessment. How to ensure that the assessment of employees is reasonable and not much trouble? This is also the difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises assessment. Performance appraisal is like a tight spell for employees, too loose can not be effective, too tight will inevitably complain. On the one hand, it is necessary to implement the indicators undertaken by the department, in addition, it is also necessary to consider the simplicity of operation, not complicated, an employee has more than a dozen assessment indicators are too complicated, otherwise the assessment for assessment, the management cost is too high, and the departments will not accept. In addition, on the basis of work plan assessment, it is necessary to pay attention to the potential of employees' future performance and completion, and it is necessary to conduct annual assessment on employees' ability and attitude. This needs to be assessed according to the actual situation of the enterprise, just like the "moral and diligent performance" of state-owned enterprises. Different enterprises have different practices, so it is not necessary to go into details here.


After completing the indicator system and determining the indicators for the current year, it should be clear who is going to assess each department. Enterprises often think that these are the human resources department, the assessment is the human resources department in the assessment of us, the basket is certainly their responsibility. Therefore, when assessing, often go through the form, love to score what kind of no, wait until the point of bonus when holding a note to find the human resources department "account". Especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, there are not many people, and the human resources department is relatively few. Once the performance appraisal becomes the matter of the human resources department, it often evolves into suspicion and gratuitous contradictions between employees. Naturally, the performance theory system can not be implemented.


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The establishment of assessment cycle is appropriate, the difficulty of assessment work is reduced, and the establishment of performance assessment indicators is completed, which is equivalent to the completion of most of the work of performance management system construction. In addition, the assessment cycle should be set according to the characteristics of the enterprise. It is generally believed that the assessment cycle of the department performance assessment indicators is related to the periodicity of the indicators themselves and the business characteristics of the enterprise. As a small and medium-sized enterprise, the monthly assessment of the department is too frequent, the annual assessment time is too long, and it is generally recommended that semi-annual or quarterly assessment plus annual assessment is appropriate.