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The use and parameters of 14 tons return column winch

2018-03-18 00:00:32

The return pillar winch, also known as slow winch, is used for the top of the return pillar of the coal face in the coal mine.


Return post winch

Introduction of 14 tons return column winch

Because of its low height and light weight, it is especially suitable for kate005 in thin coal seam and steep coal seam mining face, as well as various mining faces to recover metal pillars sunk into the floor or buried by gangue. With the improvement of mechanized coal mining degree, it is more and more widely used in mechanized coal mining face, as the installation, recovery and traction of various equipment and spare parts. The main models are: JH-5, JH-8, JH-14, JH-20, JH-30. Products should be coal safety mark.

Safe operating rules for drivers of 14 ton return post winch

1. (1) Tools: hammer and long handle hook. (2) Spare parts: oil pot, screws.


2. (1) Whether the top side, roadway and support near the winch are anquan, and whether there is debris accumulation affecting the operation; (2) whether the installation of the winch is firm, whether the compression column and the hip column are strong; (3) Whether the electrical equipment is stable and easy to operate; (4) The components of the winch equipment, bolts, washers, shields, etc., are complete and firm, and the commonly used brakes are flexible; (5) Whether the oil quality of the reducer box and bearing of the winch is qualified, whether the amount of oil is sufficient, and whether there is no oil leakage; (6) Whether the wire rope is fixed firmly on the drum, whether the rope is neatly arranged, and whether the broken wire area within yi lay distance exceeds 10% of the total broken area of the original wire rope;


3. (1) Before the test, the switch and bell should be placed near the brake handle to facilitate operation; (2) Carry out two to three reverses of the car test; (3) The wire rope should be arranged neatly on the drum, and the rope should be used with a small hammer or a handle hook to lead the rope, and no hands or feet should be used to follow the rope, so as to avoid the rope stranding;


4. To jing God concentrate, pay attention to listen to the signal, according to the return column signal to start, stop, reverse and other operations. Do not drive away from the winch, stand behind the jockstrap.


5. When parking under normal conditions, mechanical brakes should be used after power failure, and reverse parking is not allowed. When the temperature of the motor and the sliding bearing reaches 65 ° C, it is necessary to stop and find out the reason, and then start the car after the temperature drops.

Features of 14 tons return column winch

The back column winch is driven by the spherical worm gear pair, compact structure, small size, can be the whole machine down the well, symmetrical structure, in the shape of a long bar, the base is like a sled, stable and easy to move in the well; The center of gravity is low, the base is rigid, can play the top column, can install the ground anchor, easy installation, stable operation, safe and reliable.

14 tons of return column winch

The return column winch has the flameproof performance, which is mainly used for the top of the return column under the mine, and also for the auxiliary traction work such as transporting materials and moving chute.

Technical parameters of 14 tons return column winch

Average static tension of wire rope: 140 kN drum diameter: φ400 mm Average rope speed: 0.1055 m/s Wire rope diameter: φ21.5 mm rope capacity: 130 m Total transmission ratio: 188 Motor specification: Type: YBK200L-8 Power: 15 kW voltage: 380/660 V Speed: 730 RPM/distribution set Electrical equipment: (user's own) Mine flameproof reversible magnetic starter: QC83-80N explosion-proof control button: LA81-3

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to the use of the winch to wrap the rope all around the drum;


Cut off the power supply, put the switch handle in the power off position, lock the lock bolt;


When reversing to deal with the rope accident, the scene personnel should retreat to a safe place.


When reversing the rope, if the rope is pulled to the side of the winch drum, the rope is still not loosened, should stop, so as not to damage and break the wire rope;