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The use of Yao Baogan drink

2018-04-11 08:00:01

Preparation tools: casserole three bowls measuring cups 1, prepare a casserole, and wash clean; 2, put the herbs in the casserole, add 1000 ~ 1200 ml of water, soak for 10 minutes, directly fry; 3. Grasp the heat when frying, turn to simmer after boiling, boil for about 30 minutes; 4, the decocted juice is divided into three bowls on average, take a bowl in the morning, middle and evening, the effect is better when the decoction is warm. Product information: Herbal ingredients: Ten merit, blood Feng Teng, white flower Dan, piagu Dan and other Dayaoshan herbs, each pay about 130g. Herbal efficacy: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, soothing liver depression, eliminating carbuncle and discharging pus, treating liver cyst. Herbal usage: a day to pay medicine, decocted into three bowls, morning, middle and evening each bowl to take, 15 pay a course of treatment. Taking notes: 1, during the drug fasting animal liver, fish hair and so on. 2. Avoid tobacco and alcohol. 3, children, pregnant women and the elderly and infirm with caution.