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The way coffee is run

2018-03-03 20:48:00

Many cultural people who are new to business like to operate cafes, so that the coffee shop has a rich cultural atmosphere, so that the coffee shop is more attractive.


Set match, improve consumption is not tired: today's coffee business products are quite diversified, there are all kinds of hot and cold drinks, Western snacks simple meal coffee noodles and coffee supplies and other products have reached more than 100 kinds. It is not easy to rely on a single product to afford a family, so we can not rely on selling a single product to improve performance. We can strengthen the combination of light meals, such as: how much discount can buy coffee and snacks, or fix a price that makes customers feel more cost-effective, so as to increase customer consumption.


Raw material inventory, to maintain the freshness of raw materials: coffee operators should pay attention to the inventory problem, purchase raw materials or peripheral products should be sold out in a short period of time as the principle. When selling coffee beans to customers, you should ask customers about the possible date of use, and do not sell expired products to customers to enhance customer confidence in the product and trust in your. If the customer has a particular type of coffee beans, you can also prepare for it.


Understand the profession, product update, improve service: coffee operators themselves should have a considerable professional understanding of coffee, staff education and training content should include coffee and related products basic knowledge and brewing skills basic knowledge, management operation process, implementation of practical practice, staff report filling and basic etiquette.


Coffee is not coffee to create an interactive environment: don't let your coffee is just a coffee, it is better to make it a good place for the Lord and guests to communicate and interact. The atmosphere of the art exhibition hall can be created through specially designed music and lighting, combined with fixed theme art exhibitions or regular concerts, reading clubs, recitals and exhibitions.

Matters needing attention