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These women can enjoy all the glory and wealth, but not the husband!

2018-03-31 16:00:48

Some people's life is expensive, everything is always assisted by noble people, with good status and fame, it can be described as more than gold. Since ancient times, the fish and the bear can not have both, although some women will not Wang Fu, but their own workplace is very prosperous, can be respected by the leader, to the wind, to the rain. Let's take a look at what women look like.


There are convex joints on the nose bone, especially near the root of the mountain if there is this bulge, such a face woman may be very strong, will firm their views, if you meet a man who is as strong, the day may be a chicken fly. This will also be kefu.


Chin is very sharp chin but beauty's Peugeot oh, many girls envy the look of the most, all think that the chin is beautiful, but do not know that the round chin represents many children more happiness, Wangfu Wangwealth. Such women with sharp chins will have the help of noble people in their careers, and after the age of 30, they do not worry about food and clothing, and do not have to worry about money.


Eye eye is a single pair of eyelids, this is a very rich man. Longan chief official luck, Fengyan owner wealth, life full of good luck, career can also be promoted to make a fortune, a lifetime of great achievements. People like them have a very good personality, will tolerate people, can understand people, can bend and stretch, even if not Wang Fu, it is good luck with a lifetime.


The cheekbones are clearly prominent and the appearance indicates that the person is domineering and arrogant, but it is also very lofty and not easy to please. Such women speak more directly, their character is strong and independent, do a very good job in the career, better at financial management, can be said to be a good hand to make money.


If a woman's teeth are very neat, then her birth and family will be very good, ancestral roots, can get the help of the elders. Being born with the ability to communicate and be articulate makes people feel good. Neat and white teeth can make a woman's wealth double!


The eyes are black and white, the ears are thick and white, and the jaw is wide and slightly tilted. Women with this kind of face are more intelligent, able to do things, and the strong women in the workplace are more black and white. Starting a business after the age of 30 will basically have the help of noble people and start a business successfully. There are many suitors, the other half will care about her after marriage, and she is good at using some contacts to help them develop their careers.

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