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Things that should be paid attention to during the orthodontic process

2018-04-09 00:00:58

Orthodontic is a very long process, in this long process, patients should pay attention to a lot of things, otherwise it is easy to orthodontic appliances, affect the effect of orthodontic, and even cause irreversible orthodontic consequences.


Orthodontics (fixed, mobile, or functional)


After the orthotics are worn for the first time, the patient will have some uncomfortable reactions in the mouth, such as sore teeth, mucosal ulcers, etc., which can be relieved or eliminated in about three days to a week. If the pain is severe, it is abnormal and should be treated promptly.


After wearing orthotics, teeth will appear soft, the first three days can eat soft food to avoid increasing pain, such as soft rice, porridge, etc. After a week of basic adaptation, you can eat normally, but in the 1-2 years of corrective treatment, you can not eat too sticky food. If you eat, do not pay attention to it will cause the loss or damage of the orthotics, not only increase the cost of treatment and the number of visits, but also make the course of correction.


During the correction period, you can not eat hard food, bone food, ice cubes, nuts, sugar cane, lobster shells, etc., so as to prevent the attachment of the corrector from loosening due to improper diet.


During the treatment can not eat too sticky food, milk candy, chewing gum, rice cakes and other glutinous rice products, children orthodontic teeth, but also reduce the number of snacks and candy. If you want to eat larger foods (such as apple pears, etc.), cut them into slices or dice them before eating.


Pay attention to oral hygiene. It is necessary to adhere to the morning and evening and after meals to carefully brush teeth, keep the brackets and dental surfaces clean, and prevent the food residue accumulated on the appliance from producing acid under the action of bacteria and corroding the appliance. The correct way to brush is with a small, soft-bristled children's toothbrush, a vertical brush. Do it gently and slowly for 3 to 5 minutes at a time). If it is inconvenient to brush your teeth after meals, gargle with water or tea.


If you need to wear the rubber band correctly, you should strictly follow the method required by the doctor. The size of the rubber band, the direction of wearing it, and the position of the teeth should not be wrong. If you wear it wrong, it can not achieve the effect of treatment, and sometimes it will be counterproductive, and even increase the degree of deformity.


If you find problems such as bracket falling off, bow wire breaking, band loosening, etc., you should report to the doctor in time and make an appointment for a return visit. Do not act on your own to avoid adverse consequences.


Orthodontics is a long process, so patients should insist on wearing orthodontics, after the completion of the correction also need to wear tooth retainer for a long time, do not wear orthodontics or retainer for three days.