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This is how the Almighty Knight plays

2018-04-17 04:48:01

Omnipotent knight is generally used as a wet nurse, in fact, Omnipotent as a strength hero, can slow down the physical face flow, the following specific out of the suit.


Computer + Internet


Getting out of the house requires speed, so shoes are a must, as shown below.


The preferred large piece is the urn, which has three uses: one is to increase the blood volume and prepare for the following phase; The second is the return of demons, but also for the sake of the following secret shoes; The third is to add or subtract blood, kill people and save people. As shown below.


The third one must be a phase shoe, no doubt about it. As shown below.


The next one I think is double knife, there are three reasons: first, increase the speed, suitable for killing; The second is to increase the amount of blood to ensure their survival; Three is can play disabling. Horrible phenomenon appeared, natural deceleration + phase acceleration + double knife acceleration + hit disability, which if chasing people, guaranteed not to run away. As shown below.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Who with the feeling of contention, rush face + standing pile, all kinds of killing. As shown below.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to your position when using it, and make good use of your high mobility, magic free characteristics and the ability to add blood and invincibility