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Tianlian login successful, can not use the solution

2018-04-18 19:12:12

Problem description: I have purchased Skylink for a long time, and there has been no problem. Recently, I found that the connection client has prompted login success (as shown below), but I cannot connect to the server. What should I do? Solution: (You can choose either of the two methods, it is recommended to use method 1) Method 1: Uninstall the client program directly (be sure to remember your group name, user name, password oh), re-download the latest Skylink client. Method 2: Do not uninstall the Skylink client, download a repair patch, and then run it on the computer. (The operation is inconvenient, recommended method 1) 1: Download repair patch: xp system Skylink blocked repair tool.exe (36 KB, download times: 79) 2. Double-click to open: Enter your IP address here (click Start - Run - enter CMD and enter ipconfig in the black box) to view the local IP address, as shown in the following figure: Enter the displayed IP address, click "Repair" and the following message will pop up: Follow the prompt information to operate, or restart the computer, or right-click "Network Neighbors" - "Properties" to find the sky Link virtual network card right click to disable and then enable. If you are a customer of Tianlian Premium Edition, please request a solution according to your regional customer service.