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Tips for finding a job online

2018-04-29 08:00:36

Looking for a job online is not a reliable thing, the reason why people will look for a job online is because of the convenience and variety of choices. As more people look for jobs online, agencies are starting to appear. How to distinguish a series of questions. The following Xiaobian will tell you about their own experience.


Networked computer

It is not recommended to choose the recruitment network

Many recruitment websites will spend a lot of money on advertising when fresh graduates graduate. Say fair,. These two websites do not recommend that you go to find a job. Before Xiaobian have a few friends in the above job is to go to the interview found that is the intermediary, and inside the salary is too high. About 200 a day. Can you believe it? If you believe that, then you're done, and you'll be slaughtered when you get there.

Recommended choice of recruitment network

Xiaobian job search generally will meet Zhaopin recruitment, 51job, fresh graduates job network, these websites give Xiaobian impression more deep, basically no intermediary in the past. Of course, you have to distinguish yourself before you go. In this way, it is possible to reduce wasted time and unnecessary consumption.

How to distinguish intermediaries

It is actually easier to distinguish the intermediary, call you to interview will give you the address, name and, check the address on it, see if there is any trace of the intermediary. See if there is the same address on the recruitment network, whether the job of recruitment and recruitment are the same, if a number of different will have to choose this, recruitment is unified, how can there be several, this is not a waste of it?


Know the name can think of the corresponding trademark, we can go to the industrial and commercial administration website to check whether there is this, what are doing. If there is a type of consultation related to the position you are applying for, it means that there is this existence, and the interview is relatively bottom when you understand it.


Finally check, this is also more critical. Because some intermediaries have been exposed, inquiries are also essential. After completing the above 3 kinds of distinguishing you are bad is experience. No experience theory is just talk, quickly make up the experience into your knowledge.

Matters needing attention

I hope you can find a job you like


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