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Tips for making your own face mask

2018-05-12 08:00:45

Dryness is the biggest skin problem in winter, how to do dry skin itching? Here we recommend 8 homemade hydrating and moisturizing masks, wear natural zero stimulation hydrating masks, so that you can have hydrated and white skin this winter. Method/Step 1 Mask 1: Tremella tremella moisturizing mask Material: Tremella tremella 10g, fresh milk 30g, diluted glycerin 40g Practice: Grind the dried tremella tremella into a fine powder, then pour it into the mask bowl, mix with fresh milk and glycerin. Every night before going to bed, after cleaning the face, apply the mask to the face, and wash off with warm water after 30 minutes. Efficacy: It can effectively moisturize dry skin and make skin elastic. 2 Mask 2: watermelon egg yolk moisturizing mask material: watermelon piece, one egg yolk, appropriate amount of flour method: take the watermelon meat seeds and mash, add egg yolk and appropriate amount of mask, and blend until paste, flour do not put too much. After cleaning your face, apply the mask and rinse it off after 20 minutes. Efficacy: Watermelon hydration effect is very good, the egg yolk moisturizing is also very strong, very suitable for dry skin. 3 Mask 3: cucumber and honey moisturizing mask material: cucumber half, honey appropriate method: the cucumber blender into a puree, pour into the mask bowl, add honey to mix, 30 minutes after washing and can be. Efficacy: Replenish skin moisture, moisturize dry skin, lock skin moisture, very suitable for combination skin and oily skin use. 4 mask 4: Aloe olive moisturizing mask material: fresh aloe juice 5ML, 5 drops of olive oil, fresh milk 5ML Practice: blend the three together, clean the face, smear on the face, such as dry, and then repeated smear, 20 minutes later, with wash. Efficacy: It can whiten and moisturize, eliminate skin fine lines, and increase skin elasticity. 5 Mask five: Mung bean papaya moisturizing mask material: Mung bean powder 50g, green papaya quarter Method: the green papaya juice, take the juice in Mung bean powder mixed into paste, clean the face, smear well, 20 minutes later, wash with warm water. Efficacy: Papaya contains papaya enzyme, can activate the metabolism of facial cells, help lock moisture and increase skin elasticity, Mung bean powder has detoxification function, this mask has a very good beauty effect on the skin. 6 mask six: banana milk moisturizing mask material: half a banana, appropriate amount of milk practice: mash the banana into a puree, add the appropriate amount of milk to blend into a paste. Clean the face well, apply the mask evenly, and wash it off with warm water after 20 minutes. Efficacy: It can make skin smooth and smooth, replenish skin moisture, especially for acne skin. 7 Mask seven: carrot and egg mask material: carrot half, egg yolk one, flour appropriate method: the carrot blender mixed into mud, and then in the egg yolk and a little flour mixed into mud, clean the face, will do the mask on the face, 20 minutes later, wash with warm water. Efficacy: Can tighten the skin, moisturize and hydrate.