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Tips to get the most out of your whitening products

2018-03-15 09:36:23

Modern white-collar workers often work overtime and stay up late, work and rest is very irregular, in the summer is coming, the complexion of the face is more and more dull. A lot of people want to change from little black girl to Snow White overnight. Want to disappear overnight spots and acne. Other, maintenance Lu, nothing more than "protection" and "maintenance" to start. Turning white overnight is a legend, and what we do is use careful product selection and clever techniques and skin care tips to make the most of the product. Let the skin to achieve the effect of freckle and acne. 1, Analyze your skin type If your skin is sensitive type, choose some milder products. If you are a dry skin type, you can use some moisturizing products, but not too greasy so that you do not shine. Choose a refreshing whitening product if you have oily skin. 2, the physiological cycle adjustment effect is better in the month after a week is the most suitable for dense white care. Because at this time the secretion of female hormones will greatly increase. During this period, the skin condition will be particularly strong, the skin also appears particularly strong, not sensitive, but also can maximize the absorption of whitening ingredients. 3, the best whitening effect at night usually the use of whitening essence at night will be better, why say so? Because whitening essences are rich in nutrients such as VC, and some have light sensitivity. Once exposed to the sun, it will greatly reduce the efficacy. It is recommended to use whitening essence every night for better care results. 4, whitening essence + light spot essence combination use faster effect if there are spots on the face need to add light spot essence so the effect will be better. Whitening essence applied to the whole face is to improve the overall whiteness, but in the long spot parts need to add light spot essence, because the spot is the most difficult to be removed, it is recommended to combine with light spot essence so as to effectively remove the spot. 5, the method of whitening essence press can absorb whitening essence faster, which is usually relatively thin, so the massage application method is not conducive to the absorption of whitening essence. You can use the method of pressing, using the temperature of the palm, gently cover the cheek to stay for a while, which is conducive to the full absorption of the essence ingredients.