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Title computer question: How to achieve the same page different positions jump

2018-04-15 16:00:25

In the title computer exam over the years, FrontPage exam will encounter such as: Jump in different positions on the same page? Use the method of inserting a bookmark to solve in a web page, involves a lot of content, need to drag through the scroll bar to see all the content of the jump.


First, add a bookmark at the beginning of the page, select the "Bookmark" command under the "Insert" menu,


Step 2, enter the name of the bookmark in the pop-up dialog box, "top",


Third, click "OK" and a bookmark will appear at the beginning of the page.


Step 4: Type "Back to top" at the end of the page and check,


Step 5: Press CTRL+K to pop up the "Create Hyperlink" dialog box. Select the bookmark "top" from the "Bookmark" drop-down list.


Step 6, click "OK" to add a hyperlink to "back to top".


Step 7, next preview this page, click "back to the top", you can jump to the top of the page.


Of course, we can add a bookmark anywhere on the page to achieve a different location on the same page. I hope that the above method can be helpful to everyone's work and exams, and I also hope that everyone can master this method well and apply it to practical work.