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To popularize the difference between the perfume copy and the genuine, cheap supply in

2018-02-18 20:48:00

1, the price of different genuine perfumes are generally hundreds to thousands of prices, copied version of perfume is much cheaper than genuine perfume. Chanel Encounter Ladies Eau de Toilette typically costs between 600 and 700, while a replica Chanel Encounter Ladies Eau de Toilette costs between 100 and 200. 2, the smell is different authentic perfume is made by the original home, and the replica version of perfume is imitation of authentic perfume, the smell is slightly different. 3, the fragrance time is different in general, the copied version of perfume is shorter than the genuine perfume, which is due to the use of materials, production process is different. Perfume raw materials have natural raw materials and artificial raw materials. General authentic perfume can be extracted from natural raw materials or separate a single chemical, the purer the raw material extracted, the more expensive the price. Artificial flavors are generally separated or synthesized from artificial chemicals, and the price is more economical. 4, the flavor of the level of different authentic perfume layers are rich, divided into front, middle and after the tone. The top tone is the first smell, lasting about 10 minutes, and then the middle tone lasts about 30 minutes to two hours, and then fuses with the skin to form a body aroma, lasting two hours to half a day. The replica version of the perfume is single than the genuine perfume, the level is not rich enough supply can be found in the Baba, obligation perfume market.