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To rot, in fact, here?

2018-03-03 14:24:00

Speaking of, the first name that comes up must be that seems to have become a representative of tourism. And where there are many, many more views than that. Just one. "When everyone is there, you might as well go and see."


"A pure photographic paradise", said everyone, the first name that comes up must be, seems to have become the representative of tourism. The Beauty Photography tour photographer who travels often tells us that there are many, many places where the scenery beats. Just one.


In this beautiful and ancient land, there is the most fascinating scenery - beaches. When the sun rises and sets, the sky is dyed a piece of yellow or a piece of red, shrouded in the above, the fisherman pulls the net in the sea fishing, the boat slowly drove by, at this moment no matter where you look, it is a different landscape painting. The change of light and shadow makes this place very seductive, which is how it has attracted a number of photographers. Transportation: It can be reached by train or high-speed rail from all over the country.


Moon Bay, "When everyone is rushing to, may as well go to see it" heard of "chicken" but never been, I believe many people are like this. There are the most beautiful coconut groves, many houses with architectural style have been preserved, and the widest and best preserved sea defense belt. Moon Bay is here, and from above, the beach looks like a moon lying still.


"The blue water lapped against the golden beach, there were no crowds, no noisy stalls, climb the hill next to you can see the full picture of the Moon Bay." The photographer of the beautiful photography tour said that this is the meaning of travel that we have been pursuing ~ Transportation: there is a tourist line from Wencheng to the starting area of the Moon Bay, and you can drive to the Moon Bay in Qingling Road, Binwan Road, Qinglan Bridge and Longlou Town