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To Thailand to play the route attractions

2018-03-12 09:36:00

Before going to bed, Xiaobian will take you to Thailand, tonight Xiaobian finger injury, a little slow, we think the introduction is good, remember to vote oh.


On the first day, we flew from the international airport to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Arrive at Bangkok Airport, receive flowers from a beautiful woman, and then head to Bangkok to enjoy a wine break that we have arranged for you to prepare for a rich and exciting trip in the next few days.


The next day, Bangkok: Chao Phraya River - Thai Royal Palace - Jade Buddha Temple - Parliament Building - Water music restaurant - shemale singing and dancing performance After breakfast, go to the pier, boat tour [Chao Phraya River floating market], understand the water life of local people, the boatman will also send a special wreath to express the welcome and blessing of tourists (please bring 20 baht tips to show your mind).


Later, go to the Royal Palace of Thailand: the Grand Palace was built to imitate the old palace of the former capital, and it has been continuously expanded by successive Kings, and finally built the Grand Palace complex now. Temple of the Jade Buddha is located in the Royal Palace of Thailand, as a place for the royal family to hold religious ceremonies, is the most important temple in Bangkok, and is one of the three national treasures of Thailand.


Then go to the [Parliament Building], is a mainly white Italian literary building, the interior is decorated with colored stone, there are murals of Thai history evolution. In the front yard is a equestrian statue of the Fifth Emperor, a wise monarch who pushed for universal education in Thailand.


【 Bangkok Water Music Restaurant 】 In the evening, the candle light accompanied by local Thai folk music live, in a romantic atmosphere and exotic atmosphere with the family dinner, enjoy an unforgettable evening.


[Thai ladyboy performance] Thai ladyboy is a mysterious group, "they" are very charming, good at singing and dancing, rich Thai characteristics, and unique in the world.


The third day [forest riding elephant] : forest fields, like walking leisurely, enjoy the unique atmosphere of Southeast Asia. [Normal seasonal fruits in the orchard] : You can enjoy different tropical fruit trees, and the fruits are optional. [Chiang Mai Town] Thai characteristic long neck beauty village.


After breakfast on the fourth day, we went out to sea by speedboat and went to [Pattaya Island] to enjoy sunbathing and play various water activities on the island: banana boat, water motorcycle, water parachute, shallow water diving, deep water diving, etc.


[Thai Scenery Park - Splashing water + releasing water lamp] The park is rich in presenting Thailand's local traditional folk characteristics and customs culture, the most named "Water Splashing Festival" + "Loy Krathong Festival", enough to leave you a deep impression. [Thai massage for an hour], go out these days of running and tired. [Princess Cruise] Sea to see the night scene, and on board the princess's song and dance show and delicious delicious dinner wine, unlimited reception.


After breakfast on the fifth day, go to 【 Temple Temple 】 Internal medicine to visit the Erawan Buddha and pray for peace and prosperity for yourself and your family. Then visit the "Rich Gold House" the whole building cost a lot of money, style is extraordinary. 【 Snake Venom study 】 Watch the human snake dance. Visit 【 Latex and Local Products Exhibition 】


After breakfast on the sixth day, go to [the largest duty-free in Southeast Asia] After lunch, make a little preparation and prepare to return to the warm home in the afternoon. Remember to vote when you're done!