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To the mountain travel guide

2018-04-07 00:00:42

The mountain is located in the northeast of the province of China, 230 kilometers away from the provincial capital. Together with Mount Emei, Mount Jiuhua and Mountain, it is called the "Four Mountains of Buddhism in China". It is a Buddhist and tourist resort in China and the first of the ten summer resorts in China. In 2009, it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural landscape.

Mode introduction

Itinerary 1, the first day of the three-day tour to the mountain bus, mountain, Bodhisattva Top, Special image Temple Tianring long-distance bus station (10:00) take the direct bus to the mountain Scenic spot, 16:00 mountain scenic spot pick up the group, visit the temple of Mountain yellow Temple, Kangxi Qianlong's palace courtyard - Bodhisattva top, visit Manjusri Bodhisattva's ancestral court - Special image Temple. The next day, five Ye Temple, Xiantong Temple, Pagoda Temple, temple, Dai Luoding after breakfast to the most prosperous mountain incense, vow, pray the most spiritual five ye temple to burn incense, make a good wish. Visit the largest mountain building, the oldest Xiantong Temple, the site of the mountain symbol building - Pagoda Temple, visit the mountain "two dragons play beads" feng shui treasure - temple, after lunch, climb 1080 steps, worship the five Manjusri - Dai Luoding. On the third day, temple after breakfast to visit the pure Buddhism chanting Buddha dojo, Manjusri avatar dojo ---- mountain temple, far view the natural wonders of the mountain Yangtian Buddha (11:00) by bus back, the end of the pilgrimage!!


Schedule 2, the first day of the three-day tour to the mountain train to the bus back, mountain, Bodhisattva top Xiantong Temple Shishu Temple from the station by train K868|K865 arrived at the station at 07:25 in the morning, the East station transfer to the mountain bus, high-speed straight to the mountain scenic area (240KM). After 2.5 hours of driving, arrange your own accommodation, in the afternoon, visit the Temple of the leader of Shanhuang Temple, the palace of the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties of the mountain - Bodhisattva top (10 yuan, 1 hour), and then visit the largest and oldest temple of the mountain Xiantong Temple (10 yuan, 1 hour), worship the largest Bodhisattva Manjusri on the mountain - the statue Temple. The next day, five Ye Temple, Puhua Temple Guanghua Temple after breakfast by car to visit the five ye Temple in the hinterland of Taihuai town, pray for health, good luck. The youngest temple is Puhua Temple (1 hour), the representative temple of Huayan Dojo is Guanghua Temple (1 hour), and then climb the 1080 steps to worship the temple of Manjusri, the five parts of the mountain, Dai Luoding (8 yuan, 2 hours). On the third day, after breakfast, take a bus to the mountain to see the natural wonder "Big Buddha" the best temple - Lin Feng Temple (1.5 hours), 11:00 am at the mountain bus station by direct train back! The end of the happy Buddhist journey!


Schedule 3, the first day of the two-day tour to the mountain, Mountain Temple, Bodhisattva Roof, Guanghua Temple as early as from the starting point can get on the Jinbao Expressway -- north left Jingshi Expressway -- right turn ---- interconnect into Baofu Expressway, then via Xinfu Expressway, Direct to the mountain after entering the mountain pass along the way to visit the temple of Shunzhi Emperor of the stock mountain - temple (1 hour), after entering the scenic area to arrange their own accommodation, visit the highest temple of the mountain - Bodhisattva top (10 yuan, 1 hour), Huayan temple representative temple - Guanghua Temple (1 hour). The next day, Shishu Temple, five Ye Temple, Dai Luoding after breakfast worship Manshu ancestral court - Shishu Temple (1 hour) for wisdom, good health; Wuye Temple, the temple with the most prosperous mountain incense and the most spirit of vowing and vowing (1 hour), offers incense prayers and vowing and vowing; The highest temple in the temple group - Dai Luoding (2 hours) climb 1080 steps to worship Manjusri Bodhisattva. In the afternoon, return from the mountain Expressway to introduce the pleasant journey to the Buddhist country.

Matters needing attention

1. Quotation for children: Height below 1.1m is charged according to the price of children; Children above 1.1m are charged at adult rate. 1, climate: mountain morning and evening temperature difference is large, you must prepare warm clothes in advance. High altitude UV strong, appropriate to prepare some sunscreen. 2, driving: mountain road more pay attention to safety. 3, dining: mountain food is expensive, diet should pay attention to proper, dry climate drink more water. 4, shopping: mountain specialties, table grinding table ginseng, six wood, old vinegar.