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To the mountain travel guide

2018-04-07 01:36:04

Mountain, World Cultural Heritage, National AAAAA level tourist attraction, National Key scenic area, National Geopark, National natural and cultural heritage, one of China's ten mountains, one of China's four Buddhist mountains, one of the world's five Buddhist holy places. The area used to be called Jiaao, is a national historical and cultural city, the birthplace of Chinese Taoism, 6,000 years ago, there are human survival and reproduction in the territory. It gets its name because of its many trees, which are green all year round. The Qing garrison was established in 1891, leased and built by Germany in 1897, occupied by Japan in November 1914, and occupied by Germany on June 2, 1949


Trestle bridge is one of the scenic spots of the coastal scenic area, is The State Council in 1982 announced the first batch of national scenic spots, but also the first national AAAA level tourist attractions. The trestle is at the touristy end, plunging from the shore into the depths of a bay that resembles a crescent moon. The bridge is for visitors to visit and dock tourist boats here, from which boats can see the sea.


Walking path, located in the province, open scenic spots, west from the island ring road, Stone old man, a total length of about 36.9 kilometers. The walking path connects the city's main tourist attractions such as Trestle Park, Navy Museum, small Park, Lu Xun Park, First bathing Beach, Eight Scenic spots, May fourth Square, and Stone Old Man Bathing Beach together to form a unique seaside scenery gallery.


Located in the city, Taiqing Palace is the oldest and largest Taoist temple with a history of more than 2,100 years. Located in the seaside, deep rock valley, known as "God cave fairy house" said. A hundred miles around, the palace is dotted with stars, there are "nine palaces and eight views of seventy-two nunneries" said, of which the Taiqing Palace is the most famous.


Writing cliff Writing cliff, located one thousand meters east of Shizui Town, Mountain City, province, there is an old temple, named "stone Buddha Temple", also known as "hole".


Wanghai Peak is a platform, located 10 kilometers east of Taihuai Town, 2795 meters above sea level, an area of more than 100 acres, the top of the platform had built Wanghai Tower. Looking at the mountain from afar, it looks like a standing elephant. Looking around at the top, it looks like a giant tortoise shell.


Hanging moon peak is the western stage of the mountain, located 13 kilometers west of Taihuai Town, 2773 meters above sea level, the top of the flat palm, an area of more than 300 acres. The shape of the west terrace of the hanging moon peak looks like a dancing peacock. When the moon shines high, the mountain springs gurgling, quite poetic realm, the moon falls to the peak, just like hanging mirror.

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