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Tokyo baby products shopping guide

2018-06-11 11:12:00

Tokyo baby products shopping Guide Many new mothers like to go to Japan to buy some baby products, today's bounty just reward this problem, I will share with you the Tokyo baby products shopping guide.


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Recommended purchasing method

Top recommendation: Visit Tokyo and buy it yourself. Second, relatives or friends buy from Tokyo. Relatives and friends are the most reliable.


More recommended: Japan's local e-commerce website to buy, and then mail it. But you need to pay Japanese yen, the procedure will be more troublesome.


More recommended: Some cross-border e-commerce, here do not list (to avoid advertising suspicion). Other methods are not recommended.

Recommended purchases

Diaper Japanese diapers are indeed of good quality and have always been favored by Chinese mothers, so it is recommended that new mothers buy them here.


Children (more than 3 years old and less than 8 years old) special cold syrup for children's medicine is still relatively lacking, for example, cold medicine is rarely for children, and Japanese children's medicine has almost no side effects on the baby's body, so it is recommended that you can buy some.


Auxiliary food scissors when I went to Japan found a more interesting item, it is less labor than grinding, suitable for larger babies, can be used to cut vegetables, fish, meat and other food, but also as a grinder grinding and crushing; So I suggest you buy a few.

Matters needing attention