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Top 10 collagen peptides in the world, buy collagen must see!

2018-04-11 09:36:22

Which brand of collagen is good is one of the most concerned questions for consumers. Young women under the age of 22 are generally looking for affordable and good tasting collagen products. More than 25 years old, women with a certain economic basis will choose natural and healthy collagen brands suitable for their own absorption according to the raw material composition, molecular weight, product shape and their own age. Let's take a look at the top 10 most popular collagen peptide brands in the world


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Biocyte collagen powder Biocyte is a French oral beauty brand, best-selling French cosmeceuticals. It has collagen powder and collagen oral liquid and other products, raw materials from Roselot, France, extracted from French deep-sea cod skin, 2000DA easy to absorb, hormone free. The ingredients are collagen peptide and peach extract, which turns into pink liquid after brewing, sour and sweet. The feedback effect varies from person to person, and most consumers feel that it has a certain effect


Germany hech Collagen HECH is a German high-end oral beauty and nutrition brand. The main ingredients of the products are 1500DA deep-sea fish skin collagen peptide, caviar essence, fruit extract essence, which plays an effective role in micro-beauty repair and night maintenance. Product is oral liquid, collagen content in liquid drink before discharge, no hormones, no microorganisms, no heavy metals, need to be refrigerated. It has a rich, sour taste and a fishy taste.


Doppel Herz/ Double Heart Collagen Double heart, German brand, 100 years of health care products enterprise, strict formula, medical standards, German pharmacy exclusively. Each oral solution contains 11 grams of collagen and 100 milligrams of chondroitin sulfate, as well as other trace elements and nutrients. It should be reminded that the product indicates that pregnant women and breastfeeding should not drink


swisse Collagen Goodnight Peptide Powder swisse, Australia's leading natural health brand. Its collagen peptide powder is rich in type I collagen and type III collagen, with an average molecular weight of 1500 Dalton, adding Italian blood orange powder, etc., to promote collagen synthesis


vida glow Collagen vida glow, Australia Beauty oral collagen brand. Collagen peptide extracted from the scale of deep-sea red silk fish, coupled with a variety of fruit flavors, good taste and its simple fashion packaging, civilian prices, deeply loved by young girls


Orgain Black collagen Peptide Powder Orgain, an American protein brand, focuses on organic protein and spreads the concept of health. The raw material of collagen peptide is extracted from natural pasture grass-fed cow skin without natural addition. Small molecules are easy to dissolve, high purity, and the smell of a single brew is very heavy, which is difficult for ordinary people to accept. As a dietary supplement, it needs long-term consumption to be effective


MHD collagen milk powder MHD, New Zealand brand, collagen from the ocean deep sea wild fish, the use of biological enzymatic hydrolysis process targeted extraction, 2000DA, healthy and pollution-free, rich milk taste with light smell. One can only contains 10% fish collagen peptide, the main ingredients of this product is milk, milk allergy or lactose intolerance, drink carefully


FANCL/ FANCL HTC Collagen beverage Japan FANCL, has a certain scale of no added skin care and health food brand. The product contains collagen peptide, vitamin C, ceramide glycoside, rose bud extract, resveratrol and other ingredients. It is developed for rough skin, dry lines, relaxation and other problems. The taste is well received in Asia


Amway Collagen Tablets Amway is a famous direct selling company whose products cover health care products, dietary supplements, daily chemicals and so on. The main ingredients of collagen tablets are not only hydrosol, but also vitamin c and high content of auxin. The main effect is not to supplement collagen collagen, but to promote the synthesis of collagen in the body

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