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Top 10 most beautiful ends of the world

2018-04-06 12:48:48

Travelers are far away from the world, even if the destination is on the cape, there is deja vu. These 10 secret edge of the world resorts are so beautiful, so far away you'd almost never think to set foot in them. Stand at the far end of the world, gaze into the abyss of the new frontier, reflect on yourself, explore the soul.

Top 10 most beautiful ends of the world

10. Mount Asparin National Park New Zealand's South Island park is remote, unexplored, breathtaking and otherworldly, the setting for the Lord of the Rings films. It's uninhabited and the scenery is epic. Here, the end of civilization, the fantasy of Middle-earth; Aquamarine ice pushes ancient glaciers into the mountains; The rock landscape is sculptural and the moss glistens in the dense forest."


Norway's North Cape, near the top of the Earth, overlooks the Arctic Ocean. Taking a picture here and naming it "Top of the World" is a custom for European road travelers. Standing on the edge of the North Point plateau, the sea is rolling, the sky is stretching, and the eye can not see the edge. There are wandering reindeer, the summer midnight sun, and the mysterious northern lights."


Thousands of years ago, the Kalahari Desert's great lakes dried up here, leaving behind the world's largest salt flat, the inhospitable and eerie Makadikadi Salt Flats. The salt marsh is the size of Switzerland, and no vegetation can grow here. In the hot, harsh and dry seasons, few wild animals can survive here. Empty and nondescript, it's a permanent sight of the salt flats of Makati Kadi, but it's a haunting one."


7. Ilulissat, Greenland Qaasuitsup is the least densely populated region in the world. With no roads between towns, you can only travel by boat, plane, helicopter, or dog sled. It is one of the most inhospitable places in the world, navigable for larger ships only part of the year, and not enough fruit and vegetable seasons. In the remote west coast town of Ilulissat or the nearby village of Sarcak, billions of tons of icebergs above 100 feet melt and slide out of the fjord every year."


6. Kailash Mountain Range Kailash is the main peak of China's Kailash Mountain Range and one of the ten most beautiful and breathtaking mountains in China. At 6,721 meters above sea level, it is the second highest mountain in the Gondises. It is located in the north of West County of the autonomous region. It means mountain of gods in Tibetan. The south side of the fault descends into the Elephant Spring River Valley and the Manasarovar and Laangco basins. The altitude above 6000 meters is covered with snow and ice, and 28 modern glaciers are distributed, mainly cirque glaciers and hanging glaciers.


5, Bunda Cliff is located in Australia's edge of the world, at the edge of the long wilderness of the Narab, stretching more than 100 kilometers from the west, is the world's sixth largest cliff.


4. Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Patagonia The small town of Ushuaia in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago is the last outpost at the end of Argentina's Pan-American Highway. The extreme weather here stunted and twisted the trees.


3. Antarctica Antarctica is the southernmost part of the world, and there's almost nothing here -- no buildings of any kind except for the occasional abandoned science station. There are no roads or tracks; There are no power lines; No permanent residents. It is 98% covered with ice, with an average thickness greater than a mile. On these exquisitely carved icebergs and huge glaciers, it seems impossible for wildlife to survive, it's like a forgotten paradise."


2. Fogo Island Newfoundland, Canada This edge is not far away, and you don't need to spend a lot of money. According to the Flat Earth Society, one of the four corners of the Earth runs through the Canadian border. Fogo Island is an addition island to the remote east of remote Newfoundland. As it currently juts out into the North Atlantic, it is almost adjacent to Greenland. Currents carrying majestic blue ice and migrating humpback whales sweep the rugged coast. Along the intact stretch of coastline, you'll see the avant-garde, which is part of the local Shorefast Foundation's international artist residency program."


1. Kamchatka, Russia Siberia Eight time zones east of Moscow is the uninhabited Siberian wilderness and one of the world's most active volcanic regions. Kamchatka's roads are potholed beyond repair; Cities feel post-apocalyptic; Old Soviet military bases are crumbling and fighter jets are rusting. On the edge of the capital Petropavlovsk, the volcano's rising smoke dominates your view and seems to threaten to destroy all that remains of this civilization. But this part of the Ring of Fire is so pure and natural that it's breathtaking."