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Tourist attraction recommendation

2018-03-13 14:24:00

Tourism, representing the Chinese symbol of Shaolin Temple, breathtaking grottoes, a picturesque reality version of Qingming Shanghe Garden, gather the source of the occurrence of Chinese civilization, precipitation history, to meet the future.


Shaolin Temple AAAAA Shaolin Temple full name Dengfeng Songshan Shaolin scenic area. Shaolin Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in China, the famous Zen ancestral court, the birthplace of Shaolin Kung fu, located 12 kilometers west of Dengfeng City Songshan Wulu peak, is one of the main core scenic areas of Songshan Mountain. Shaolin Temple main scenic spots are mountain gate, King of Heaven Hall, Great Hero Hall, bell tower, thousand Buddha Hall, Abbot's room and so on.


The city Grottoes scenic area AAAAA Grottoes together with grottoes, Mogao Grottoes and Mountain Grottoes are known as the four major grottoes in China. Located 12 kilometers south of the city, the grottoes are a scenic place where the east and west face off and the water flows slowly north. From a distance, it is like a natural door que, so it is called "Yi Que" in ancient times. Since ancient times, for the tour of the first landscape. To the grottoes, you can not miss the places are: Qianxi Temple, central cave, South Cave, cliff three Buddha niche, ten thousand Buddha cave, cave, Fengxian Temple, Guyang Cave, prescription cave, Buddhist Temple and so on.


Yuntai Mountain is located in the province, is the world's first global geopark, but also the province's only set of national key scenic area, national AAAAA scenic area, national civilization scenic area, national forest park, national water conservancy scenic area, national macaque nature reserve seven national-level scenic area in one. The scenic area of 190 square kilometers, including Spring waterfall Gorge, Tan waterfall Gorge, Red Stone Gorge, Zifang Lake, Wanshan Temple, Baijiayan, Fairy Garden, sacred roof, cave, Qinglong Gorge, Fenglin Gorge and other 11 major scenic spots. And Yuntai Falls, the largest waterfall in Asia.


Songshan AAAA has the world's first temple Shaolin Temple Songshan, located in the northwest of Dengfeng City, the main body is composed of Taishi Mountain and Shaoshi West two mountains. Songshan Mountain is known as the museum of China's historical development, with the collection of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and numerous historical relics. Among them are China's six most: Zen ancestral temple - Shaolin Temple; The largest existing Tallinn - Shaolin Temple Tallinn; The oldest existing pagoda -- Songyue Temple Pagoda of Northern Wei Dynasty; Han SAN Que, the oldest existing que; The oldest cypress - Han Feng "general Cypress"; The oldest existing star observation platform - the Yuan Dynasty star observation platform. In addition, the Zhongyue Temple under the yellow peak of Taishi Mountain was built in Qin Dynasty and reached its peak in Tang and Song dynasties. It is the largest temple complex in existence. Songyang Academy magnificent, simple and elegant, Song, and white deer Cave Academy called the four academies; In addition to the green and quiet Temple of the King of Fa, Xuanyuan Pass of the circle, the snow pavilion of Huike's broken arm seeking the Fa, etc., are the treasures of Chinese culture and scenery.


Qingming Shanghe Garden is located in the ancient and elegant city, full of Song rhyme, is based on the Northern Song Dynasty famous painter Zhang Etuan handed down the work "Qingming River Map" as a realistic reproduction of the large-scale Song Dynasty history and culture theme park. Qingming Shanghe Garden not only reproduces the "Qingming Shanghe Map" with magnificent momentum, but also activates the history of the Song Dynasty with ingenious creativity, so that visitors enter the Qingming Shanghe Garden, as if through the time and space tunnel into an active historical picture. The whole scenic area in the grass such as Yin, the ancient sound lingering, the bell and drum bursts, forming a "silk willow to brush the face, the scale waves reflected the silver sail, the wine flag exhibition with the wind, the car car like a chain" lifelike ancient charm. Wandering through it, often people have a sense of "once into the picture, a day to dream back to a thousand years".


White Horse Temple AAAA White Horse Temple is located 12 kilometers east of the province, founded in the 11th year of the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 68), as the first ancient temple in China, the world famous Jia LAN, is the first temple built after the introduction of Buddhism into China, known as the "ancestral court" and "the source" of Chinese Buddhism, has a history of more than 1,900 years. The existing sites and monuments were left by the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The temple keeps a large number of dry lacquer statues of the Yuan Dynasty, such as the third Buddha, the second Day General, and the eighteen Arhats, which are very precious.


Taihang Grand Canyon AAAAA Taihang Grand Canyon is located in the northwest of the province, the south Taihang foot of the west side of Linzhou City, north and south of 100 li, east and west of 2.5 li, 800-1739 meters above sea level, relative height difference of more than 1000 meters, the territory of high cliffs, steep peaks, strong dew, Taiwan wall interlocking, water, flow waterfall four hanging, Peaks, mountains, platforms, walls, gorges, waterfalls, peaks and springs are the typical representatives of "Beixiong scenery", known as "Taihang Grand Canyon". There are three nine cold peach blossom blossom valley, three hot summer water frozen Tai Chi iceberg, through the ages mystery pig called stone three wonders. There are the soul of Taihang Wang Xiangyan, Tan deep valley you Xianxia Valley, Jinpulong Cave small cave, primitive forest Taiji Mountain, also true and magic Sendai Mountain, the magic of Luban Gate, Huaxia - Peach Blossom Waterfall, Taihang Pinggu Cave (Liu Xiuhu) eight landscape. Mr. Zhu Changzhong, an expert of the National Key Scenic Area Evaluation Committee, spoke highly of Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic spot as "moving with the scenery, a hundred mile gallery, and a fairyland on earth."


Of course, there are more than these tourist attractions, and hurry to enjoy the endless beauty of nature!