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Transform the traditional kitchen into a natural style kitchen

2018-04-10 04:48:29

After learning Western food, I began to cook dinner occasionally for my family, and found that the kitchen had serious functional problems, not only did it not conform to ergonomics, but also obviously insufficient storage. I hope that I can use this to transform the kitchen, and through professional planning and design, my mother can also experience the "easy to use foreign kitchen". The whole family can enjoy cooking at home in this space, making the kitchen space the heart of the home!


Cupboard, refrigerator, table, dining chair

Tailor-made to create easy-to-use cooking Spaces

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Well planned and smooth kitchen working line

Kitchen moving line from the refrigerator location, meal preparation area, sink, work area, cooking area, completely in accordance with the needs of the user design, and new embedded kitchen appliances, due to the small space, the countertop and wall to add multi-functional accessories, such as booms, hanging baskets and hooks, expand the kitchen storage function and convenience. Even the kitchen girder is also increased above the storage shelf, to meet the beauty and function of the kitchen space.

Add beautiful and powerful functional cabinets

In the past, the restaurant space was occupied by a large dining table, which could not be used normally and was also full of debris. The original area was planned to store powerful system cabinets, which not only can store small kitchen appliances in the cabinet, but also make the overall vision clean and neat. The original sundries are also sorted and tidy.

Choose the right dining table and chair to return to the comfortable environment of the kitchen space

Because the family members are simple, so abandon the original large dining table, move the dining area to the position near the back door, and choose the appropriate size of the dining table and chair and cabinet according to the needs of the whole family, not only easily have a smooth moving line and visual scale amplification, but also let the family dine together, as well as the outdoor green accompanied, extend the natural leisure situation.

Matters needing attention

Space transformation three problems: 1. Do not meet the height and ergonomic kitchenware. 2. Insufficient kitchen cabinet storage function. 3. The kitchen and work area are not smooth.